Emotiva XMC-2 Home Theatre Processor and XPA-11 Amp UK Debut

Posted on 16th February, 2020

Emotiva XMC-2 Home Theatre Processor and XPA-11 Amp UK Debut

Emotiva is bringing its bang-for-buck home cinema offerings to The Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2020

At the Bristol Show this year, Emotiva will be giving its XMC-2 sixteen channel processor, and XPA-11 power amp their UK premier.

Emotiva XMC-2

Emotiva XMC-2 Bristol HiFi Show 2020

Emotiva's XMC-2 boasts “a level of audio performance you'd expect from audiophile separates, together with precise bit-perfect video switching of the latest HDR and Dolby Vision 4K UHD video content”, according to the brand. 

Emotiva XMC-2 Bristol HiFi Show 2020

That said, the XMC-2 is kitted-out with plenty of channels to support object-oriented cinema sound formats such as Dolby Atmos up to 9.1.6 and DTS:X up to 7.1.4. Additionally, the XMC-2 offers two-channel options for native DSD audio and pure analogue playback in Reference Stereo mode. 

Emotiva XPA-11

The perfect companion for the XMC-2 is Emotiva's XPA-11 modular power amplifier. Here you get three 300W single-channel modules and four 65W two-channel modules for a total of three channels at 300W/channel and eight channels at 65W/channel. That should be plenty to get most home theatres going. 

Emotiva XPA-11 Bristol HiFI Show 2020

In the high-powered single-channel modules, the XPA-11 utilises a fully analogue Class A/B output stage, along with the brand's Soft-Switch optimised Class H power supply topology. Emotiva states that this increases their efficiency significantly without compromising their Class A/B performance and sound quality. The stereo modules use fully analogue Class A/B output stage, which is virtually identical to the output stage in the single-channel modules but operate from a more traditional single power supply voltage. 

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Where at the Show?

Find Emotiva with Karma AV in Room 332 on the third floor.

For more information, check out Emotiva.


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