Elipson Releases XLS 15 Monitor Loudspeakers

Posted on 4th January, 2021

Elipson Releases XLS 15 Monitor Loudspeakers

Elipson has announced a new speaker with more than a hint of the past to its styling.

Elipson's Heritage XLS 15 loudspeakers follows the French audio specialist's bold design of its Legacy 3230 floorstanders announced last year, albeit with a more retro aesthetic.

elipson heritage xls15 loudspeakers

A brand better known for its spherical Planet speakers, these 1970s-esque monitors are quite the stylistic departure at first view.

However, don't let their retro-threads fool you. The Elipson Heritage XLS15 sports more than enough contemporary design to keep today's music lover happy.

Firstly, this 28kg three-way floorstander has been tuned as a bass-reflex design, with a front-firing flared port that can be optionally plugged for further low-frequency adjustment depending on placement, says Elipson.

elipson heritage xls15 loudspeakers

Additionally, the company says that the speaker's mid-range definition and high-frequency extension are particularly noteworthy. The spec sheet tells us that the XLS 15 has a not-too-shabby 40 Hz-25 kHz +/- 3 dB frequency range.
Stating that musicality comes first, the Heritage XLS 15 features a newly engineered 30cm cellulose coated bass unit with a high power magnet. Partnering this is a 55mm treated dome mid-range driver (covering nearly three octaves), along with a 22mm silk dome tweeter from the firm's flagship Prestige Facet series. Sensitivity is rated at 92 dB / 1m / 1w and impedance, 6 Ohms.

Furthermore, a 2dB adjustment dial allows you to fine-tune mid and high-frequency levels according to your listening room or personal taste, too.

elipson heritage xls15 loudspeakers

Finally, the supplied base plinth creates a 7° tilt for perfect acoustic phasing, says Elipson. You can also go for the optional metal stand from sister company NorStone, which then raises the speakers 19cm from the floor should you need to.

The Elipson Heritage XLS 15 is available in the UK as of this month, priced at £1,790/ €1,990 per pair. The Vintage stands are £199 per pair.

Visit Elipson for more information


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