Elipson P1 and A2700 Reference Pre / Power Amps Launched

Posted on 23rd June, 2022

Elipson P1 and A2700 Reference Pre / Power Amps Launched

Elipson has launched its brand new Reference Series pre and power amplifiers as spotted at High End Munich 2022.

Elipson's Reference Series P1 Pre-amplifier and A2700 Power amplifier were unveiled at the High End Show in Munich, and this Burgund designer couple is apparently the result of “a dedication to the highest levels of music playback”.

The Elipson P1 boasts a completely balanced design and a bespoke power supply to the OLED display, switching relays, and microcontroller, alongside a purely sinusoidal (self-oscillating) DC-DC converter.

We're told that this converter, followed by very low noise regulators, supplies all the analogue sections of the P1 resulting in minimal noise allowing the “smallest details of the music signal” to be revealed. Elipson claims harmonic distortion < 0,001 % for all audible bandwidth between -16 and +16 dBu, with a 102 dB (A) @ 1 V ; Dynamic 120 dB signal to noise ratio.

Furthermore, thanks to the P1's modular nature, you can either opt for the fully-loaded P1F, or start with the all-analogue P1 and add the EES Sabre DAC with USB (£699/ €690) and/ or MM/MC phono stage (£499/ €490) later.

Meanwhile, the A2700 is said to “integrate seamlessly” with its P1 stablemate as well as sharing its noise-reducing focus. This Class D power amp promises 400W into 8 ohms (stereo) and 1400 W RMS (2500 W peak) into 8 ohms as a bridged mono amp. Basically, it should drive any speakers you care to show it.

Elipson adds that the A2700 features a proprietary cooling concept meaning there is no chance of thermal runaway, under any load.

Finally, if you were considering the P1 and A2700 as part of a dedicated custom installation environment, there are 2U mounting brackets available (as shown on the A2700 font image above).

The Elipson P1 (£1899/ €1990 ), P1F (£2,799/ €2,849) and A2700 (£2999/ €2,990) are available now in anthracite grey.

Visit Elipson for more information


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