Electromod Takes over UK Distribution for MS HD Power

Posted on 5th January, 2021

Electromod Takes over UK Distribution for MS HD Power

Electromod is now looking after the UK distribution of Hong Kong-based high-end audio accessories brand, MS HD Power.

MS HD Power, the high-end audio brand of Winbo Industries established in 1967, has over 45 years of experience of designing and manufacturing high performance and safe power accessories for home audio and vision systems.

MS HD power electromod UK

Initially imported by Air Audio for the UK market, the brand has selected the Buckinghamshire-based Electrodmod for its UK distribution.

Electromod's Mark Dolbear told StereoNET:

The switch is an entirely amicable and mutually beneficial one. It's all about balancing our respective portfolios of brands.

MS HD power electromod UK

MS HD Power's key product ranges include mains plugs, sockets, distribution blocks and cables, and joins Schiit Audio, Dekoni, Dan Clark Audio, Topping and more in Electromod's diverse portfolio.

We are told that MS HD Power boasts an advanced, versatile and well-organised research and development team. It has electrical, mechanical, material, and quality engineers and a variety of technicians. Additionally, all brand's products are guaranteed to be of excellent quality.

Visit MS HD Power for more information


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