Dynaudio Contour i Range Plus New Special Forty Finishes Announced

Posted on 23rd April, 2020

Dynaudio Contour i Range Plus New Special Forty Finishes Announced

Dynaudio has upgraded the Contour speaker family and launched the Contour i range of loudspeakers as well as gorgeous new finishes for the Special Forty.

Dynaudio's new Contour i speaker range is the result of a total refresh of the current Contour line. Boasting new drivers, crossovers, internal damping and finishes, the new series promises heightened performance at every level.

Dynaudio Contour i

Just as did the 2016-launched Contour range, the Contour i family comprises of a quartet of models: the 20i bookshelf (£3999), 30i (£6199) and 60i (£7999) floorstanders, and the 25Ci (£2899) centre channel.

Dynaudio Contour 20i

Landing next month, each sports a brand-new Esotar 2i tweeter which, we are told, utilises a Hexis resonance-defeating inner dome and larger rear chamber to reduce distortion.

Dynaudio Contour i Esotar 2i Tweeter

The flagship 60i model gets a new woofer to partner the Esotar 2i. The new bass driver is said to benefit from a bigger magnet system as well as a newly designed voice coil featuring the glass-fibre voice-coil former originally found in Dynaudio's top-tier Confidence range.

Dynaudio Contour 60i Woofer

The midrange drivers from the previous iteration are now sat inside a new enclosure derived from the brand's Core professional reference monitor range.

Dynaudio Contour i Crossover

With the new drivers comes a new crossover, naturally. The 60i's crossover has now been designed to work better at higher frequencies (up to around 300Hz).

Additionally, the woofers inside the Contour 20i, 30i and 25Ci, now rock an updated 'Nomex spider' voice-coil suspension assembly for improved control and performance, according to the company. Their crossovers have been upgraded, too.

Dynaudio Contour i Internal

Lessons learned from designing the Evoke, and Confidence ranges are the inspiration for the Contour's new internal cabinet damping. Furthermore, the quality of the black gloss, walnut veneer and glossy grey oak finishes are also said to have been improved.

Special Forty - Special Finishes

Finally, Dynaudio's award-winning anniversary speaker, Special Forty, has been given a makeover with two stunning new finishes.

Dynaudio Special Forty Black Vine

Black vine is a striking contrast of dark veneer shot through with vivid orange.

Dynaudio Special Forty Ebony Wave

Whereas, Ebony Wave is a captivatingly sinuous take on the classic hardwood.

Both veneers are man-made to Dynaudio's specs, ensuring total consistency between pairs of speakers. The level of finish is said to be as smooth as glass, and as lustrous as a piece of luxury antique furniture. Nice.

Ebony Wave is slated for a June appearance with Black Vine following shortly after that.

For more details, check out Dynaudio.


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