DTS Play-Fi Home Theatre Ushers in Wi-Fi Surround Sound

Posted on 18th August, 2021

DTS Play-Fi Home Theatre Ushers in Wi-Fi Surround Sound

DTS Play-Fi is bringing wireless surround sound to the masses through the upcoming DTS Play-Fi Home Theatre network of TVs, speakers, subs and soundbars.  

DTS Play-Fi Home Theater works over wi-fi and boasts of adding a first-of-its-kind surround sound capability to TVs without incurring additional hardware costs for manufacturers or consumers.  

We are told that televisions featuring DTS Play-Fi Home Theater's wi-fi tech will hit the market in the third quarter of 2021. These sets are compatible with the existing ecosystem of Play-Fi soundbars, speakers, and amplifiers in the market today.

DTS Play-Fi Home Theatre

DTS Play-Fi can already be found on TVs from Philps and products by Anthem, Klipsch, MartinLogan, Paradigm, Mission, Quad, and more. In fact, over thirty brands are offering DTS Play-Fi speakers, televisions, soundbars, set-top boxes, and A/V receivers.

Since the flat-panel display arrived and TVs started to get thinner and thinner, it has been a battle of wills: slender-profile televisions and 'bolt-on' speakers or wider bodies and integrated speakers. As slim tellies appear to be here to stay, anyone wanting decent audio has to face the fact that the pay-off is more cables to connect your TV to speakers - even more so should you be entertaining the idea of any kind of surround sound system.

Play-Fi Home Theater promises to offer several configurations to wirelessly upgrade a TV's audio performance and bring life-like surround sound to any room using the new skills found in the latest wi-fi enabled televisions.

DTS Play-Fi Home Theatre

The first step is to use the TV's built-in speakers and add a Play-Fi enabled soundbar or discrete Play-Fi enabled front speakers, which are all wireless. You can then add further Play-Fi enabled speakers as surround speakers.

Additionally, you can add up to two Play-Fi enabled subwoofers to help with the low-end and create more excitement.

DTS Play-Fi automatically adapts to the number of speakers connected to the TV, which seems to make this modular approach even less daunting. Moreover, it hands you a reasonably painless upgrade path as well.

DTS Play-Fi Home Theater

This is all additional to Play-Fi's complementary functionality, such as multi-room grouping of the TV with Play-Fi enabled speakers for music and TV audio and app-based headphone listening.

Find out more about DTS Play-Fi here


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