DS Audio ION-001 Ioniser Kills Vinyl Static

Posted on 6th November, 2019

DS Audio ION-001 Ioniser Kills Vinyl Static

DS Audio's third audio accessory, the ION-001 vinyl ioniser, is now available to buy.

We have met the ION-001 twice already - once at High End Munich, and, more recently, at the UK Hi-Fi Show Live held at Ascot. It now has UK pricing and availability.

DS Audio ION-001

The DS Audio ION-001's premise is that vinyl records build up a static electric charge caused by friction - mostly by the stylus during playback.

The degree of friction, and hence the strength of charge, will vary according to factors such as the stylus tip shape, the vinyl record's specific component materials, and the room temperature and humidity levels.

As its name suggests, the ION-001 emits a combination of positive and negative ions in a controlled process from its dual outlets. In demonstrations, the ION-001 does appear to effectively neutralise and remove static electricity from the record's surface.

The ION-001's design allows you to place it next to your turntable, no matter configuration or platter height.

Naturally, having a noisy fan next to your record player would be a deal-breaker so the ION-001 sports a 'no fan' construction for silent running. Furthermore, DS Audio states that the ION-001's specialised power supply suppresses the generation of excess ozone, preventing unwanted oxidation.

The ION-001 can also be used to remove the static electric charge from CDs and DVDs.

Price and availability

The DS Audio ION-001 vinyl ioniser is available now, priced at £1,500 (inc. VAT).

For more information, go to DS Audio.


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