Dirac’s Driver Optimisation Landing on Major Bluetooth Chipsets

Posted on 30th September, 2020

Dirac’s Driver Optimisation Landing on Major Bluetooth Chipsets

Dirac's immersive audio optimisation tech can now be enjoyed on the go.

Dirac integration is coming to a set of Bluetooth headphones near you! Yup, those clever Swedes who have basically pioneered digital audio processing with patented tech already found in many a hi-fi and home cinema component continues its quest to optimise performance no matter the listening environment. To that end, Dirac's spatial audio technology is now available in the chipsets of Mediatek, BES and Qualcomm - major players in the Bluetooth audio world.  

dirac bluetooth headphones

We, of course, could see this coming and reported that Dirac would be integrated into a pair of forthcoming Klipsch headphones – its audio algorithms correcting the headphones' impulse and frequency response to improve their sonic performance. 

dirac bluetooth headphones

Additionally, we also know that some new headphones by Scottish brand, RHA, will also feature the technology. 

Peter Cedmer, Director of Product Management, Headphones, told StereoNET:

Traditionally, digital sound optimisation technology for headphones has had to run on smartphones, media player, or other playback systems. Dirac's ability to integrate its algorithms directly into wireless headphone chipsets opens up a new world of innovation and differentiation.

Dirac says we can expect a couple of things from their technology being in wireless cans. Firstly, the company's Dynamic HRTF tech is said to create an immersive listening experience from standard stereo content similar to what is achievable with a home theatre system, but without the need for specifically encoded spatial audio content. Secondly, Dirac's magnitude and impulse response correction promise a “clearer, balanced sound with richer, tighter bass”. 

We certainly look forward to hearing the results for ourselves in the near future.


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