DeVore Fidelity O/96 First to Join Ten

Posted on 16th December, 2020

DeVore Fidelity O/96 First to Join Ten

Double news as selected DeVore loudspeakers are easier available in the UK and become the first in a carefully curated catalogue.

Absolute Sounds today announced that it has launched a curated collection of “singular sonic artistry” offered by independent makers. Furthermore, this cluster of the crème de la crème starts with DeVore's O/96 loudspeakers.

John DeVore with his O/Reference speakers

The new distribution concept from Absolute Sounds, dubbed Ten, is comprised of hand-selected extraordinary sonic creations and is curated by Ricardo Franassovici, the founder and MD of Absolute Sounds.
Even though the distributor has an enviable list of 21 high-end audio marques in its main catalogue, Ten stands apart as these products are made by audio artisans. These will be perhaps less well-known, but more specialised and smaller in scale. However, they will be no less accomplished in their pursuit of sonic perfection.
Additionally, Ten will not necessarily carry a featured maker's full range. Instead, each piece is selected for its outstanding individual attributes.
Mr Franassovici explained to StereoNET:

If I were to draw an analogy from my music industry background, I would describe the main Absolute Sounds catalogue as a 'major label' to which many of the world's most critically acclaimed artists are signed, while Ten is a specialised subsidiary with a more 'indie' ethos, shining a light on exceptional creative talent from every corner of the globe.

He adds:

Ten is a number of great significance in culture, religion, science and mathematics. The Japanese word  '天' (pronounced 'ten') translates as 'heaven', 'sky' or 'destiny'. Now, Ten also signifies the extraordinary work of gifted audio artisans, brought together to represent the absolute art and soul of sound.

DeVore Fidelity O/96

The first piece selected for Ten comes from New York City's DeVore Fidelity – a loudspeaker named Orangutan 96, or O/96 for short.

Made in Brooklyn, the O/96 is a wide-baffle, high-sensitivity loudspeaker. The '96' in its name alludes to its quoted electrical sensitivity of 96dB; to put that in perspective, most modern speaker designs are rated in the 85dB to 90dB region. Decades ago, when low-output valve amps were commonplace, high-sensitivity speakers were all the rage.

It forms a perfect partnership with single-ended triode (SET) valve amplifiers, which have a modest power output. That said, we're told that the O/96 is not only made for SET amps. As well as other types of tube amp, and low-power Class A solid-state designs, even amps with higher power outputs are said to thrive when driving the DeVore speakers, “prospering from their masterful skills” in the art of musical communication.

The O/96 incorporates a bespoke mid/bass driver with a 25cm wood fibre cone and a motor system developed from DeVore Fidelity's Silverback Reference drivers. This combines with a 25cm silk-dome tweeter built into a concave flange that lends a subtle horn-loading effect, driven by a powerful double motor magnet system with a tuned chamber at the rear.

Each speaker is handmade, and its wood-veneered cabinet is finished with polyester lacquer.

The baffle can be fronted by a variety of richly patterned veneers, with ebony wood, lace walnut, wild cherry and bird's eye maple among the options. Paint finishes are also available; in fact, DeVore Fidelity will endeavour to match any finish that you request when ordering.

The DeVore Fidelity O/96 loudspeaker is available in the UK from the start of 2021, priced from £13,500 per pair including stands (custom cabinet and finish options are also available).

Three other DeVore Fidelity speakers are set to join the O/96 in the Ten collection – the O/93 (£8,998 per pair), Gibbon Super Nine (£9,998 per pair) and O/Reference four-piece speaker system (£POA).

We look forward to finding out which other makers have been selected to join the Ten collection next year.

Visit DeVore Fidelity for more information


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