Devialet Phantom 1 Wireless Speakers Now Available

Posted on 2nd February, 2021

Devialet Phantom 1 Wireless Speakers Now Available

Devialet reveals the successor to its distinctive all-in-one streaming speaker. 

Devialet's Phantom I is an all-new evolution of the striking wireless speaker. The new model boasts improved amplification, next-generation audio processing, more comprehensive functionality, and better thermal dissipation that adds up to four times greater energy efficiency, says the French audio firm.

The original Phantom was released in 2014. Since then, we have seen more powerful Phantoms being offered and the more compact Phantom Reactor, which is now dubbed Phantom II to keep it in line with Devialet's naming convention. The common thread through all of these Phantoms is the manufacturer's patented ADH (Analog Digital Hybrid) amplification.

Unmistakably a Phantom, the new kid has been updated with a matte finish and refreshed side panels and new LED status lights at the rear. Additionally, Devialet adds in the new Arch accessory, which enables you to connect and play analogue sources through the speaker, expanding its network from the digital options of AirPlay 2, UPnP and Roon connectivity.

Also on board is the brand's Speaker Active Matching (SAM) technology, charged with ensuring the amplifier and drive units work harmoniously, according to Devialet. You also get the medically dubious Heart Bass Implosion (HBI). Thankfully, this here to provide deep, impactful bass from the compact enclosure, says the company. Finally, the Active Cospherical Engine (ACE) is said to output sound waves evenly from the chassis in all directions.

Ken McAlpine, Devialet's CTO, told StereoNET:

The Phantom speaker has become a symbol of everything Devialet represents, embodying our dedication to audio excellence and unique design. Phantom I, with its refreshed design and high-resolution listening experience, brings us even closer to perfection. It's another step towards our mission to deliver meaningful audio experiences to all.

The Phantom I is available at two power levels, with an option of two distinct colourways for each version. One model comes in light chrome or matte black and can deliver a maximum volume of 103dB (between 16Hz and 25kHz); the other comes with dark chrome and gold side panels and offers up to 108dB volume (between 14Hz and 27kHz).

The Devialet Phantom I is now available from £1,890.

Visit Devialet for more information


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