dCS Vivaldi Transport II Launched

Posted on 24th October, 2023

dCS Vivaldi Transport II Launched

dCS Vivaldi owners can once again add a dedicated CD/SACD Transport to their system by releasing a new Mark II design.

If you have a dCS Vivaldi APEX DAC and have been waiting for an updated CD/SACD transport, your wait is almost over.

dCS Vivaldi Transport 2

Whilst digital streaming is now ubiquitous, many audiophiles prefer listening to Super Audio CDs in their native DSD format (a format that is not currently available through any streaming service). Some have amassed collections of rare CD recordings, many of which are not presently accessible on streaming platforms. dCS is well aware of this and has engineered dedicated Transports, helping listeners to experience the best possible sound from their CDs and Super Audio CDs.

dCS Vivaldi Transport 2

The original Vivaldi Transport was designed using a TEAC Esoteric Neo VMK-3 mechanism, chosen for its rigid construction and near-silent operation. Unfortunately, this component is no longer available, which means dCS cannot produce the Vivaldi Transport in its original form, which brings us to the Mark II. The new model features a Sound United D&M SACD mechanism and hardware developed following the launch of the dCS Vivaldi – meaning it benefits both from breakthroughs made as part of the Vivaldi's development and advancements made since, says the British company.

The Vivaldi Transport II plays Red Book CDs in their native 16/44.1 format and simultaneously upsamples the data to either DSD, DSDx2 or DXD. Meanwhile, SACDs are played in their native DSD format and simultaneously downsamples the data to 16/44.1 format.

dCS Vivaldi Transport 2

dCS tells us that the Vivaldi Transport II benefits from improved power supplies, resulting in lower running temperature and superior tolerance to AC supply variations. Furthermore, multi-stage power regulation ensures sensitive clock / PLL circuitry is unaffected by digital interference.

The digital outputs include a dual AES pair of 3-pin male XLR connectors (AES1+2). These output encrypted DSD data when an SACD is playing; however, while a CD is playing, the Settings > Upsample Mode menu page sets the interface to output either encrypted DSD data (1 bit at 2.822MS/s) or DXD data (24 bits at 352.8kS/s) or DSDx2 data (1 bit at 5.644MS/s). Meanwhile, the AES interface on 3-pin male XLR connector (AES3) outputs 16/44.1 data, whether a CD or SACD is playing. Finally, the two SPDIF (1 x RCA Phono and 1 x BNC) connectors outputs 16/44.1 data, whether a CD or SACD is playing.

dCS Vivaldi Transport 2

The 23kg Vivaldi Transport Mark II sports the same distinctive sculpted wave finish seen throughout the Vivaldi range. As with all Vivaldi components, it is encased in aerospace-grade aluminium and is available in anodised silver or matt black finish. It also benefits from the latest dCS software and is compatible with all devices in the Vivaldi range.

dCS Vivaldi Transport 2

dCS states that the Vivaldi Transport Mark II has been “meticulously engineered and exhaustively tested to ensure it delivers exceptional performance and provides the same levels of quality, longevity, and reliability as the rest of the dCS Vivaldi range.”

The Vivaldi Transport Mark II will begin shipping on November 1, priced at £31,500 RRP.

Visit dCS for more information


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