dCS Ring DAC APEX Tech Coming to Vivaldi and Rossini Components

Posted on 22nd February, 2022

dCS Ring DAC APEX Tech Coming to Vivaldi and Rossini Components

Next-generation dCS Vivaldi and Rossini launched with Ring DAC APEX tech.

dCS has unleashed its new generation of Vivaldi DACs, Rossini DACs, and Rossini Players equipped with its latest Ring DAC APEX tech.


The British company states that it has reconfigured the Ring DAC's circuit board and developed an all-new analogue output stage. The result, we are told, is a reduction in distortion, improved linearity, and both measured and subjective improvements in a range of critical areas.

dCS Vivaldi APEX

The knock-on effect is that it has enhanced the performance of the much-loved dCS Vivaldi DAC, Rossini DAC, and Rossini Player.

These next-generation APEX models will feature the new Ring DAC APEX hardware as standard. Furthermore, dCS offers the Ring DAC APEX upgrade, which is excellent news for existing Vivaldi and Rossini owners. These upgrades will be available via dCS distributors worldwide, starting in May, and cost £6,000 per unit through Absolute Sounds in the UK.

dCS Vivaldi APEX

We're told that the dCS engineering team have made extensive changes to the Ring DAC’s hardware stating that, with the exception of the resistor array, the latest generation Ring DAC APEX hardware is all new.

dCS Rossini APEX

Upgrades include modifying the reference supply that feeds the Ring DAC, which has apparently resulted in lower output impedance. Additionally, the filter has been enhanced alongside the summing and output stages of the Ring DAC. Furthermore, the symmetry of summing stages has been improved and dCS has created an all-new output stage as well as reconfiguring the main Ring DAC circuit board.

dCS Rossini APEX

The Rossini APEX DAC will sell for £25,500/ €30,500 with the Rossini APEX Player priced at £28,000/ €33,500. The Vivaldi APEX DAC is £33,000/ €39,500.

Visit dCS for more information


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