Chord Electronics ULTIMA PRE 2 Revealed

Posted on 10th February, 2020

Chord Electronics ULTIMA PRE 2 Revealed

Chord Electronics' flagship-range ULTIMA PRE 2 to debut at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2020.

Following on from last week's ULTIMA 5 and 6 power amp announcement we felt that it was only a matter of time until a new Ultima preamp landed - and here we are with the ULTIMA PRE 2.

Chord Electronics ULTIMA PRE 2

That said, the new £12,500 ULTIMA PRE 2 replaces the CPA 5000 and is then the perfect match for either the ULTIMA 2 or ULTIMA 3 mono power amplifiers, launched last year.

Of course, the ULTIMA PRE 2 uses the company's striking new aesthetic, which benefits from a redesigned bolt-less fascia, and features a 28mm-thick aircraft-grade aluminium front panel. Additionally, the reference-level preamp sports a substantially larger chassis than the company's standard preamps. Also, the PRE 2 features the latest proprietary ultra-high-frequency power supply and ultra-low-noise circuitry, delivering an incredible noise floor performance of below -130dB, according to the Kent-based hi-fi wizards.

ULTIMA PRE 2 Connectivity

Chord Electronics ULTIMA PRE 2

In and outs on the PRE 2 includes four pairs of fully balanced inputs, four pairs of unbalanced inputs, plus two totally independent record loops. Each input has six levels of gain which can be individually selected to prevent significant changes in volume when switching between inputs; all settings are microprocessor-stored, even when the power is removed.

For late-night and personal listening, the ULTIMA PRE 2 also includes two low-distortion low-noise fascia-mounted 6.35mm (¼-inch) headphone outputs. There is even fully balanced A/V bypass circuitry for direct connections to A/V processors, plus 12 V remote triggering outputs at the rear of the unit, to activate compatible power amplifiers or A/V processors on power-up.

Chord Electronics ULTIMA PRE 2

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Price and availability

ULTIMA PRE 2 costs £12,500 and is available to order now in Jett Black, or Argent Silver finishes. The ULTIMA PRE 2 is also compatible with the stackable Integra leg system. Alternatively, a highly polished black acrylic side-block option is also offered at no extra cost.

For more information, head to Chord Electronics.


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