Chord Electronics ULTIMA 5 and 6 Stereo Power Amps

Posted on 3rd February, 2020

Chord Electronics ULTIMA 5 and 6 Stereo Power Amps

Chord Electronics ULTIMA power amps are now available in stereo thanks to the ULTIMA 5 and ULTIMA 6.

The next-generation ULTIMA amplifier technology can now be had in two-channel flavour with the introduction of the ULTIMA 5 (£9,250) and ULTIMA 6 (£5,995) stereo power amplifiers. The new amps will also get their world debut at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2020, on February 21st.

Chord ULTIMA 5 and 6 - Bristol HiFi Show 2020

This latest batch continues the roll-out of Chord Electronics' 30-years-in-the-making ULTIMA topology first introduced in the Etude power amp, the ULTIMA mono power amplifier and subsequent ULTIMA 2 and ULTIMA 3 monoblock power amps.


The ULTIMA 5 and 6 share the same DNA as the flagship monos and still benefit from John Franks' ground-breaking dual-feed-forward amplifier topology. The 300 watt ULTIMA 5 replaces the SPM 1200 MK II whereas the 180 watt ULTIMA 6 takes the place of the SPM 1050 MK II.

Chord ULTIMA 5 and 6 - Bristol HiFi Show 2020

Chord Electronics says that the ULTIMA 5 has sports 64 (32 in ULTIMA 6) proprietary MOSFET power devices which demand the most advanced and refined drive circuitry, suitably devoid of sound-degrading components. The drive circuitry features an ultra-low-distortion, high-voltage amplifier operating at very high speed: 300 volts per microsecond and benefits from advanced feed-forward and feedback compensation techniques.

Additionally, Chord Electronics' TO3-style dual-die lateral-matched MOSFETs are continuously monitored with output stage error-correction circuitry and feature fully balanced input circuitry with DC-tracking servos and full temperature compensation.

Chord ULTIMA 5 and 6 Case

The hand-built amplifiers feature a CNC-machined 28 mm thick fascia made from aircraft-grade aluminium enhanced by a recessed spherical polycarbonate power button. There is also a discreet, hidden front panel switch, located in the vertical split line, enables dimmable lighting.

Chord ULTIMA 5 and 6 - Bristol HiFi Show 2020

The casework is complemented by the stackable Integra Leg system, available in Jett Black, Argent Silver or Nickel finishes. The system enables you to stack the amp with various other full-size Chord Electronics products, as well as the Choral range units, such as the DAVE DAC/preamp and BLU MKII CD/digital transport. The amplifiers can also be specified with a highly polished black acrylic side block option.

Chord ULTIMA 5 and 6 - Bristol HiFi Show 2020

The amplifiers' rear panels contain both balanced and unbalanced connections, high-quality loudspeaker terminals, a 12 V trigger and a C-19-type IEC.

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Where in the Show?

The Chord Electronics ULTIMA 5 and 6 power amps will be debuted at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show in SS Great Britain 1 Suite on the Ground Floor. The company also has stands 5 and 6 in the main Ground Floor area.

Price and availability

ULTIMA 5 £9,250; ULTIMA 6 £5,995 both are available now.

For more information, go to Chord Electronics.


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