Chord Company ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid Launched

Posted on 21st February, 2020

Chord Company ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid Launched

The Chord Company has launched an interesting fluid in front of an audience at the Bristol Show this afternoon…

The Chord Company officially launched its ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid at The Bristol Show 2020.

ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid Bristol Hifi Show 2020

Apparently, it has taken four years and 500 prototypes to develop (we had a preview last year), but Chord Company finally launched its ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid today at The Bristol Show.

A bit of a departure from all things cable for the Wiltshire-based company, instead we have a liquid polymer solution that the brand tells us will improve our connections by maximising the surface area of a variety of plug connections, and so improving their performance.

ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid Bristol Show 2020

ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid is the work of “an acclaimed industrial chemist” and Andante Largo in Japan and basically fills any pits and imperfections on the surface of connections with that polymer. The result, says Chord, is a greater contact area which then improves the performance of the connection. The science is that the lower the resistance, the higher the current (signal).

The Chord Company states that the Transmission Fluid has been proven to deliver long-term stability for very low-voltage connections, performing consistently over all connection types, voltages and frequencies. Additionally, the maker says that the original long-term test cables (built and treated over four years ago) are still significantly outperforming the identical (but untreated) cables, made at the same time.

Price and availability 

The ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid is available now priced at £200 (10ml).

For more information, slide over to Chord Company.


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