Chord Company C-screenX Speaker Cable Launched

Posted on 17th November, 2020

Chord Company C-screenX Speaker Cable Launched

Chord Company is bringing its latest XLPE insulation technology to hi-fi and home cinema fans on a budget.

Chord Company's C-screenX is a cost-effective loudspeaker cable, states the Wiltshire-based cable cobbler, the only measures 9 mm in diameter and is fully shielded.

Chord Company C-screenX

The new affordable cable is narrow enough to be easily hidden around room edges or even buried in custom installations. Additionally, we are told that the C-screenX is flexible enough to route around corners with ease and its white outer jacket (which protects the shielding), also makes it virtually invisible against skirting boards, as long as they're white.

Chord Company C-screenX

Arranged as a twisted pair to reduce interference and enclosed in PVC to mitigate mechanical noise, the C-screenX also features multi-stranded oxygen-free copper conductors and is insulated with Chord Company's new XLPE (Cross-Linked Polythene) as used with the LeylineX and ClearwayX.

C-screenX has the same beneficial sonic characteristics as Chord Company's other shielded speaker cables and brings real performance benefits to A/V systems where interference can seriously affect sound quality.

Chord Company C-screenX

Both the C-screenX's pricing and performance should make it ideal for larger home cinema projects, as we're told that it performs exceptionally well over long runs as well as being install-friendly.

Chord Company's C-screenX is available now priced at £7.50 p/m off the reel.

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