CH Precision D1.5 SACD/ CD Transport/ Player Announced

Posted on 3rd November, 2021

CH Precision D1.5 SACD/ CD Transport/ Player Announced

CH Precision reckons that audio replay from silver discs still warrants high-end investment and has released its D1.5 SACD/CD Player/Transport.

Following in the footsteps of CH Precision's D1 CD/SACD player/transport, the Swiss firm's first-ever product, it announces the D1.5 to take advantage of the constant development of new production techniques, materials and even formats. The emergence of Glass CD, SHM discs, UHQCD and new formats such as MQA-CD has improved performance, giving disc replay a renewed relevance, says the brand, adding that millions of existing discs still offer superb performance(s). But, according to CH Precision, the quality of replay hardware has diminished significantly, undermining those advances and masking their actual value.

CH Precision D1.5

Enter, then, CH Precision's mechanically damped, high-mass MORSe transport mechanism featuring revised optional onboard upsampling that boasts its proprietary PEtER spline filter algorithm. Also included is MQA replay capability with the choice of optimised MQA digital output when connected to an external, MQA capable DAC, avoiding on-the-fly sample-rate switching.

That mechanism includes an optical pick-up and motor that are precision mounted on a machined brass sled that weighs almost 1kg. That, in turn, is isolated on a sophisticated alpha-gel suspension, fine-tuned to filter vibration down to AC Mains frequencies. Furthermore, a massive, ultra-rigid support frame is constructed from almost 2kg of machined billet aluminium is directly coupled to the chassis base plate, with its improved four-point mechanical grounding and levelling system.

CH Precision D1.5

All of the new tech sits within the D1.5's familiar case as enjoyed by CH Precision's other offerings, and so sports the same precision engineering as well as the same versatile, configurable, upgradable character. You can start with a single-box D1.5 player and grow it by stages and without cost penalty. If you have deep enough pockets, you can take it all the way up to a nine-chassis, state-of-the-art digital front-end. Of course, you could always stop at two or three boxes – the system is so flexible and upgradable.

CH Precision D1.5

While it may be an almost identical form-factor and operational interface, internally, it is an entirely different machine based around that all-new, proprietary transport mechanism.  In short, that means existing D1s cannot be physically upgraded to D1.5 status. However, in keeping with CH Precision's upgradable/future-proof ethos, a factory trade-in scheme and compatibility with all existing CH digital products ensures existing owners a cost-effective path to the promised improved performance offered by the D1.5.

Available now, the D1.5 SACD/CD Transport costs €34,300 and the D1.5 SACD/CD Player/Transport is priced at €39,000 per pair (four chassis).

There is also a special trade-in deal for existing D1 owners as well as upgrades available from Transport to Player/Transport.

Visit CH Precision for more information


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