CH Precision C1.2 DAC/ Controller High End Munich Debut

Posted on 9th May, 2022

CH Precision C1.2 DAC/ Controller High End Munich Debut

CH Precision to debut its C1.2 DAC/ Controller at High End Munich 2022.

CH Precision will unveil its C1.2 DAC/ Controller next week at the High End Munich show, partnering with the D1.5 CD/ SACD player/ transport that it has been designed to accompany.

The C1.2 retains the functionality, versatility and configurability of its predecessor, the C1; however, the Swiss high-end hi-fi firm states that the C1.2 represents a “root-and-branch update/ re-engineering” of the digital signal path. This, we are assured, results in “lifting musical performance to entirely new levels.”

CH Precision C1.2 High End Munich 2022

Firstly, this is partly thanks to a four-fold increase in processing power, enabling CH Precision to significantly evolve the PEtER spline filter algorithm while introducing fixed-point processing, according to the manufacturer.

Furthermore, an all-new MEMS-based, thermally compensated and shunt regulated master clock promises increased clock accuracy and reduced timing error. Meanwhile, massively increased local regulation and sophisticated power management take care of further reducing the noise floor, so we are told.

Input compatibility has been updated and includes full MQA compliance for both disc and file replay and improved by-passable hybrid digital/ analogue volume control.

Naturally, CH Precision's C1.2 boasts the brand's user-configurable input topology, enabling you to only buy the inputs required. Additionally, you can add external power supplies, a T1 Time reference master clock, upgrade the C1.2 to a three-box, dual-monaural DAC form, or even have the C1.2 accept/ switch analogue inputs, making it a genuine System Controller.

CH Precision C1.2 High End Munich 2022

The CH Precision C1.2 is available from September 2022, priced at €32,850, and the C1.2 Mono at €70,350. These options include one HD digital input card.

Additional input/ output options include an Ethernet input HD card priced at €5,800 and a USB input card costing €2,750. An analogue input card featuring a pair each of RCA and XLR costs €2,350. The SYNC-IO card is €1,350.


CH Precision is proud of its upgradable/ expandable design ethos, and to this end, existing C1s can be fully upgraded to the C1.2 standard by the distributor or factory for €4,000.

CH Precision's new digital products – the C1.2 DAC/Controller, the D1.5 CD/SACD Player/Transport and the 10 Series amplifiers will be found in Atrium 4.1 room F118 of the High End Show in Munich from 19th to 22nd May 2022.

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