Cardeas, New Spiderless Speakers from Audio Physic

Posted on 8th January, 2021

Cardeas, New Spiderless Speakers from Audio Physic

Handmade in Brilon, Germany, Audio Physic has announced its latest release as a result of over 35 years of research. The Cardeas is the first loudspeaker of an entirely new generation incorporating the brand-new Audio Physic “PowerTrain” technology.

Imagine a landscape so vast you can hardly see the edges – yet the moment you turn your attention to a specific spot, you see every detail. Welcome to the sound of our new Cardeas speakers - limitless soundstage. Pinpoint accuracy.

Audio Physic says it dived deep into the smallest details of its technologies. “Years of development went into all components of the Cardeas until the result has finally satisfied us. As has always been true in Audio Physic's history, we were not looking to add features for the sake of making a high-tech product: it's the sound that matters.”  

The result of this dedication to focusing on the finest details and in-depth analysis is the new Cardeas, said to have been redeveloped from scratch. The Cardeas is a four-way speaker with their new multi-sandwich enclosure. The tweeter unit it calls HHCT III+ is separated for effective decoupling, while the new HHCM SL midrange driver operates without a centering spider. The new double surround woofers and mid-woofers also work without a conventional centering spider.

Further refinements include the chassis contacts which are newly developed and equipped with WBT PlasmaProtect contacts. All capacitors are new and have a copper foam contacting.

The Audio Physic PowerTrain, with its newly centred drivers at its heart, is said “to transfer kinetic energy in an unimagined and efficient way”, which Audio Physic says “results in unprecedented dynamics and resolution.”

The Cardeas frequency response is stated at 25Hz to 40kHz, with a sensitivity of 89dB and a nominal impedance of 4 ohms. Recommended amplifier power is stated as between 40 watts to 350 watts. 

A choice of finish is offered with Glass Black and Glass White high gloss, Glass Red, Anthracite, Glass Pearl White and Glass Silver-Grey priced from £35,990 RRP.

For more information visit Audio Physic

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