Cambridge Audio Outlet Bargains - Save Up To 40%

Posted on 8th July, 2022

Cambridge Audio Outlet Bargains - Save Up To 40%

Cambridge Audio is renowned for offering quality hi-fi at affordable prices, but now there are even more bargains to be had through the British company's eBay Outlet Store. 

Cambridge Audio is offering new, rare, or previously loved products (refurbished and re-boxed) at a “once-in-a-lifetime price”. Furthermore, we are assured that every item has been rigorously checked over by the brand's service team and is good to go.

Over the next two months, keep your eyes peeled as this is just the first of the planned weekly drops landing on Cambridge Audio's official UK eBay outlet store, with some killer Buy It Now pricing.

Moreover, sign up to the Cambridge Audio mailing list and get a sneak preview of what's coming. Listings go live on Friday at 6pm sharp (BST). Some of these products are only available in tiny quantities, and demand will be high. So, don't hang around and set your alarms.

This could be the opportunity you need to round off your perfect system and, for some products, the last chance to buy. Ever.

Drop #1 even features an end-to-end Edge System for an incredible 40% off the usual RRP.

Edge NQ

When creating Edge NQ, Cambridge Audio apparently re-evaluated the role of preamplifiers and network players. Then, combined both functions in a single unit.

Edge M

Applying CA's Edge philosophy to monoblock power amps, the Edge M amps are fully balanced from input to output – with one unit dedicated to the right speaker and the other to the left providing 200w of power per channel.​

Edge W

With Edge W, Cambridge Audio says that it “built the stereo power amp we've always wanted to make” – one that makes no compromises and appeals to the most discerning listener. Architectural in scale and minimalistic form, Edge W's curved aluminium casework exudes confidence, provides longevity and, of course, protects the signal path from interference. ​100w of power per channel.

Edge A

Edge A's gently curved aluminium form, with etched laser logo, single on/off button, and centrally located control dial, exudes confidence. Equipped to handle a variety of sources, and to output them at 100 watts per channel.

Alongside these special pieces are several other rare and heavily discounted items, so don't hang around because they won't. Head over to the eBay store now and fill your weekend with Great British Sound.

Visit Cambridge Audio for more information

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