Cabasse The Pearl Sub Announced

Posted on 6th December, 2020

Cabasse The Pearl Sub Announced

Cabasse adds a further new dimension to its Pearl range with The Pearl Sub.

The Pearl Sub from Cabasse is loaded with amplification for a 2.1 system. Additionally, the new active spherical subwoofer sports DSP sound and room optimisation as well as high-resolution music streaming capabilities.

Cabasse The Peal Sub

The Pearl Sub follows the French company's success with the Pearl and Pearl Akoya streaming speakers. The Pearl Sub has been designed to partner the firm's iO3, Riga 2 and Baltic 5 speakers, to create a complete audio system.

Cabasse The Peal Sub

Cabasse's The Pearl Sub consists of a 25cm carbon fibre woofer with 30mm linear excursion, being pushed along by 1000 watts (RMS) amplification. The company states that this not only provides deep and dynamic bass but is the perfect partner for the point source accuracy of the connected speakers. As well as the high-power sub amp, the left and right channels each benefit from 300W (RMS) amplifiers with the entire system being calibrated by Cabasse's DEAP and CRCS technologies.

The Pearl Sub Connections

Cabasse The Peal Sub

Thanks to built-in streaming capabilities, the 2.1 system provides a complete digital set-up with access to Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify, Tidal, and more. Furthermore, The Pearl Sub includes digital optical, RCA analogue, Ethernet, USB connectors and Bluetooth enabling you to add external sources such as a turntable, and CD player, as well as giving you access to music stored on your network or phone. The on-board DAC is capable of decoding signals up to 768kHz/32bits.

Control is either via the Cabasse Stream CONTROL app, the bundled Bluetooth remote or via Google Voice Assistant.  

The Pear Sub's 320mm, reinforced double shell is sprayed with four coats of matt paint and completed with a silver trim ring and a magnetic grille featuring the Cabasse logo. Finally, it sits on a folded chrome-plated steel base that suspends it in the air.

Upgraded Cabasse Satellite Speakers

Cabasse The Peal Sub

Additionally, the trio of partnering speakers have been improvemed and upgraded.

The Baltic 5 is the only three-way coaxial satellite loudspeaker available. Now in its fifth-generation, it is equipped with a triaxial TCA loudspeaker taken from the Cabasse flagship, La Sphère that we experienced at its UK launch.

Riga 2 is a compact satellite speaker equipped with a 17cm coaxial driver that promises to satisfy the demands of both music and film enthusiasts.

iO3 is the latest version of the brand's best-seller. This very compact and lifestyle speaker benefits from a fresh design and a new mounting system for on-wall, on-base, or stand installation.

Each of the satellite speaker models come in a variety of finishes: matt black stand with a matt black base; wood stand with a matt black base; matt black stand with a matt white base, and a wood stand with a matt white base.

The Cabasse Pearl Sub and iO3, Riga 2 and Baltic 5 is available in the UK from December with packages discounted by 10% from the individual component prices:

  • The Pearl Sub - £3,499 inc. VAT
  • The Pearl Sub + iO3 on stand - £5,299 inc. VAT
  • The Pearl Sub + Riga 2 on stand - £9,499 inc. VAT
  • The Pearl Sub + Baltic 5 on stand - £12,499 inc. VAT

Visit Cabasse for more information


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