Cabasse Pearl Keshi 2.1 Speaker System Launched

Posted on 25th October, 2021

Cabasse Pearl Keshi 2.1 Speaker System Launched

Cabasse not only showed off its new Pearl Pelegrina range flagship at last weekend's Paris Audio Video Show, but it also introduced the Pearl Keshi system!

The minimalist Cabasse Pearl Keshi follows the French firm's launch of its limited-edition Pearl Pelegrina. The Pearl Keshi is a compact 2.1 system and promises impressive acoustic performance (soundstage, stereo image, timbre, etc.) relative to its miniature size.

Cabasse Pearl Keshi 2.1 system

The Keshi system consists of a connected 22cm subwoofer and two satellites that have apparently been designed to look like they are suspended in the air. But, more importantly, this is also supposed to limit the transmission of vibrations to the floor.

Cabasse tells us that the Pearl Keshi 8cm satellite speakers feature a brand-new patented driver featuring an ultra-fine 50-micrometre membrane and a neodymium motor. Each driver is pushed along by 300 Watts RMS. Additionally, these full-range speakers are designed for long excursion and high-power handling, resulting in great dynamics, says the manufacturer.

Cabasse Pearl Keshi 2.1 system

Furthermore, the company adds that the associated digital signal processing (DSP) helps “produce faithful restitution of the timbre and provide excellent spectral homogeneity”. This tech includes CRCS technology (automatic room correction system) via an integrated microphone to optimise the sound to the listening environment.

The system delivers 1050 Watts RMS of total power (300 Watts for each satellite and 450 W for the bass). Moreover, we are told to expect to feel all the dynamics, from the most subtle sounds to the most striking ones, without any clipping or distortion across its claimed 30 - 23,000 Hz bandwidth.

Cabasse Pearl Keshi 2.1 system

As with the rest of the Pearl range, the Keshi integrates with Cabasse StreamCONTROL multi-room system and allows playback of all audio files from MP3, AAC, WMA to high-res files such as AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, which go through a 768 kHz / 32 bit DAC.

You can also connect the new system to turntables, CDs, NAS, etc., as well as to online music services (Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, Web radio, etc.). Finally, you can hook it up to your TV via the optical connection. The Keshi connections include Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Micro USB, SPDIF Optical, and a 3.5 mm Jack port.

Along with a mini-jack to female RCA adapter and mini USB to USB, there is a Bluetooth-connected remote-control bundled in with the package that fits into the palm of your hand. Volume adjustment is via a cool rotating ring.

Cabasse Pearl Keshi 2.1 system

Finally, you can wall-mount the satellites with the fittings allowing for five adjustable positions, as well as their standard on-base position.

The Cabasse Pearl Keshi is available from Novemeber with an RRP of £2,299/ €2,490.

Visit Cabasse for more information


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