Cabasse Announces New Sound Profile For Pearl Range

Posted on 4th March, 2021

Cabasse Announces New Sound Profile For Pearl Range

 Cabasse has launched the GEN2 sound profile for its Peal range of speakers, which is now available from the Cabasse StreamCONTROL application for iOS and Android devices.

Cabasse's GEN2 DSP promises to further enhance the acoustics of its two popular high-resolution active connected loudspeakers, both of which have already been distinguished with the Diapason d'Or award - The Pearl and Pearl Akoya.

Cabasse GEN2 DSP

One of the advantages of connected technology is the ability to keep products evolving and continuously improving. To this end, Cabasse has integrated the GEN2 sound optimisation via its StreamCONTROL application directly into its onboard software, making it available to anyone who already owns these loudspeakers.

All you have to do to discover this new sound signature is select the GEN2 profile from the application. Cabasse says that “you will be surprised to rediscover The Pearl range as you've never heard it before”.

Cabasse GEN2 DSP

The French brand tells us that the GEN2 signal processing of the new Cabasse DSP reinforces the low-frequency dynamics, which is already a popular quality of The Pearl and Pearl Akoya. Additionally, the new profile optimises automatic room correction to further preserve the overall balance of the loudspeaker when auto-calibration is activated.

Finally, we are told that the Dynamic Fidelity Enhancer enables both smart speakers to adapt dynamically to the listening volume to offer the most faithful sound reproduction. Cabasse does note that when listening to The Pearl or Pearl Akoya at maximum volume, the sound pressure limiter protects your speakers and eardrums as much as possible while respecting the overall balance and source dynamics.

Cabasse GEN2 DSP

Naturally, depending on your preference or the configuration of the speakers in your room, you can opt to keep the original profile version by selecting, funnily enough, 'Original'.

The GEN2 profile is now available via the Cabasse StreamCONTROL application for iOS and Android.

Visit Cabasse for more information

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