Burmester Unveils BC150 Loudspeakers and 217 Turntable

Posted on 5th August, 2021

Burmester Unveils BC150 Loudspeakers and 217 Turntable

Burmester is very much present at the Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show and has unveiled its BC150 loudspeakers and 217 turntable.

Burmester has revealed its BC150 loudspeakers, and 217 turntable in Hong Kong with more exciting announcements lined up for the next 12 months, as promised back in February, along with news of the B38 floorstanders.

Burmester BC150 speakers and 217 turntable

Burmester BC150 Loudspeakers

Burmester BC150 speakers

The new 195kg BC150 loudspeakers are, for all intents and purposes, compact versions of the company's BC350. The three-way bass-reflex design features an Air Motion Transformer tweeter, 18cm midrange driver, and 32cm woofer resulting in a claimed 34 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 3dB frequency range. Burmester lists the crossovers as handing over at 155 Hz and 1800 Hz.

Burmester BC150 speakers

The sensitivity of the BC150 is quoted as 88.5 dB (2.83V/1m), along with a stated 3 ohm nominal impedance.

Burmester BC150 speakers

Burmester boasts that the BC150 is an example of the manufacturer “making the innovative leaps in sound quality, technology and design from the Signature Line possible for other product lines”.

Burmester 217 Turntable

Burmester 217 turntable

Meanwhile, taking inspiration from the Reference Line 175 record player, the 217 turntable sits in a sizeable (482 mm wide x 283 mm deep), low-resonance unibody made of solid aluminium.

Burmester 217 turntable

Where the 175 is equipped with four belt-drive motors, the 217 utilises two, which are said to maximise accuracy and efficiency.

Burmester 217 turntable

According to Burmester, the new 217 turntable also employs a gimbal-mounted, straight tonearm constructed from a unidirectional fibre composite material, plus aluminium components that is “naturally cranked by the geometry of the headshell”. From the Shibata-tipped stylus to the bearing measures 239.1 mm - just over 9 inches, apparently, with the signal from the cartridge being passed on directly via a high-quality phono connection cable.

Burmester 217 turntable

Additionally, each 217 weighs in at 31.5 kg and comes with a slipmat made of composite leather.

Burmester 217 turntable

Finally, Burmester proudly proclaims that it has kept its promise to source “more than 95 per cent of its materials locally”, maintaining its handmade manufacturing processes in Germany.

Orders for both the BC150 (£97,500/ €98,000 per pair) and 217 (€19,900/ £TBC) are now open, with availability beginning in November and October, respectively.

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