Braun Audio’s New LE Speakers Now Available

Posted on 1st November, 2020

Braun Audio’s New LE Speakers Now Available

Braun Audio announced its return back in July 2019 with its revived and reimagined spin on its LE speaker range from 1959 - now we bring news that the speakers are now available.

The Braun Audio LE01, LE02 and LE03 are the first products that are available to order as of today, November 1st, and the first for the German brand in almost three decades.

Braun Audio's New LE Speakers Now Available

We actually met and heard the new Braun LE range at a special preview before they were officially unveiled at IFA 2019. Where the original LE speakers were, of course, passive designs, Braun Audio has brought the range bang up-to-date. The 2020 versions are both wireless and multi-room capable, not to mention smart thanks to having Google Assistant voice control and Google Chromecast streaming baked in. Don't worry, though, all the speakers have a dedicated privacy button that physically disconnects the microphones to ensure your security.

Sporting unmistakably German design, the speakers boast Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) drivers that are said to provide unparalleled dispersion and an almost 180-degree soundstage. The upshot is that you don't have the conventional issue of a specific sweet spot.

Braun Audio's New LE Speakers Now Available

The LE01, the largest in the range, is loaded with a pair of custom 5.25-inch aluminium cone high-excursion fast-transient woofers, a trio of full-range 2.5-inch BMRs, and two Quadratic 8- x 4.5-inch passive bass radiators, all of which are powered by three Monolithic HD class-D power amplifiers resulting in a 62 Hz-21.5 kHz (-6dB) frequency response. See our previous report for more specs.

Braun Audio LE Range 2020

Additionally, the Braun LE01 and LE02 wireless speakers, as well as working perfectly well individually as stereo speakers in landscape mode, can also be configured as left and right stereo pairs when in portrait. Furthermore, Braun's companion app enables you to select placement modes and adjust EQ to get the most from them.

Braun Audio's New LE Speakers Now Available

The LE01 (£1099), LE02 (£749) and LE03 (£349) are available now in white from the Braun Audio store with a black version coming soon.

As it's Braun's 100th birthday next year, we reckon that there's plenty more to come from this iconic brand.

Visit Braun Audio for more information


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