Bowers & Wilkins Upgrades CM Series Loudspeakers

Posted on 1st September, 2014

Bowers & Wilkins Upgrades CM Series Loudspeakers

The famed British loudspeaker marque Bowers and Wilkins has launched a new series of its mid-to-high-end CM range of loudspeakers. The CM Series 2 consists of eight models of loudspeakers plus a subwoofer designed to match visually and acoustically.

Priced from $1,299 per pair for the bookshelf-sized CM1 model to $5,700 for the floorstanding CM10, they share a number of extraordinary Bowers & Wilkins features, such as the Nautilus tube developed in the creation of the company's $95,000 Nautilus loudspeakers. The tweeters are decoupled double dome units. They use a light-weight aluminium dome bonded to a thicker ring for support, and are physically isolated from the speaker cabinet with a synthetic gel to reduce interference from lower frequencies. The flagship CM10 and CM6 models have the tweeter in their own separate bullet-shaped enclosures on top of the main bodies of the loudspeakers.

The series also feature B&W's Fixed Suspension Transducer bass and midrange drivers, with Kevlar cones for reduced distortion and anti-resonance plugs to avoid high frequency breakup.

For best performance high quality loudspeaker drivers require a well built cabinet. The CM Series 2 range use wooden enclosures with extensive bracing. The CM10 floorstanders weigh over 33 kilograms while even the 280mm tall CM1 units weigh nearly seven kilograms. Finishes in Rosenut, gloss black and satin white are available.

The speakers are equally well suited for high quality stereo listening and surround use. Two of the models are designed for centre channel operation: one a three way design, the other two way. The ASW10CM S2 subwoofer (which doesn't get the Rosenut finish) uses a 250mm driver backed by 500 watts of class D power in a sealed enclosure to deliver bass down to 18 hertz (-6dB).

For more information on the B&W CM1 series of loudspeakers from its Australian distributor, visit Convoy International.

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