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Posted on 23rd November, 2020 Assimilates Roon's dune and warp announce that they are Roon Ready. proudly announces that its dune and warp dual-mono, fully balanced preamplifiers have been given the Roon Ready stamp of approval. warp and dune roon ready

While the company name might sound cold and mechanical, is actually a friendly bunch of audiophiles from several countries who work out of Nuremberg, Germany.

Together, they pledge a shared passion for audio and for quality, and design and manufacture what they see as being the ultimate audio preamplifiers, players, recorders and amplifiers while retaining the quality and feel of the best analogue equipment of the past. warp and dune roon ready

The dune and warp are very much up-to-date and are driven by a dual-mono Sabre ES9038PRO setup and boast 256 step, R2R pure analogue volume controls.

Furthermore,'s dune and warp are also UPnP media players, with native DSD compatibility, streamers, as well as highly complex recorders with USB DAC functionality. You can even specify them with an optional high-performance phono stage, should you want. warp and dune roon ready

Naturally, attention has also been given to the power supply. So, here you are promised the absolute best components and topology with independent supplies for every stage, and channel.

That tech is wrapped in a unique-looking enclosure that has been CNC'ed from a solid block of aviation-grade aluminium. We are told that, as well as aesthetics, has taken extra care regarding shielding and cooling. warp and dune roon ready

A particularly nice touch is the old-school VU meters and spectrum analysers. However, on the dune and warp, these are displayed by practically lag-free AMOLED screens protected by a very high-quality optical glass, that has also been treated with an anti-reflective coating. states that, due to the selection of only the best components and a thorough x-ray inspection of each PCB and every solder, it's confident enough to back their products with a 5 year warranty.

Furthermore, they will include a complimentary 1 year Roon subscription and 1 year subscription to either Qobuz (Studio Premier) or Tidal (HiFi) for a limited time on every dune (€16,000 RRP) and warp (€16,500 RRP) pre-order. Currently, you can buy direct from but the company is actively seeking UK dealers and distributors.


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