Boenicke W5 Speakers And Stands Bundle

Posted on 29th March, 2021

Boenicke W5 Speakers And Stands Bundle

Boenicke's W5 is now offered with custom stands as standard in the UK.

Boenicke has been committed to designing and manufacturing loudspeakers for almost 20 years, creating every aspect of their solid wood loudspeakers in-house from the ground up.

The Swiss brand was founded in 1999 by Sven Boenicke, who proudly states that Boenicke Audio has grown slowly and organically, not focusing on the number of units to be sold but instead on the quality and relevancy of our products.

Looked after by Whole Note Distribution in the UK, the brand's compact stand-mounted W5 loudspeaker is perfectly formed for many British homes, especially those in the city where living space can be at a premium. It is excellent news, then, that the W5 is now supplied with custom speaker stands in the UK to aid its already incredible room-filling sonic qualities partly due to its 5.25-inch long-throw bass driver that's tuned to 65 Hz paired with a 3-inch wideband unit.

That's not to say that floorstanding speakers are out of the question, even if you're not overly-endowed with free space as W13 measures a slender 179mm wide and 390mm deep thanks to its side-loaded woofer.

Furthermore, Boenicke now offers a wider range of finishes throughout its range, making them even more home-friendly.

Want to know more? Well, in a UK first for the brand, there's now a downloadable catalogue that covers all the available finishes, individual specs of STD, SE & SE+ models. Finally, as the pandemic restrictions lift, Whole Note Distribution will be announcing where you will be able to audition these singular speakers.

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