Black Rhodium Offers Limited Edition Cantata S Pure Palladium Cables at Pre-Inflation Prices

Posted on 28th February, 2022

Black Rhodium Offers Limited Edition Cantata S Pure Palladium Cables at Pre-Inflation Prices

British cable maker Black Rhodium announces its limited-edition Cantata S interconnects priced using the cost of the high-end material as it were, rather than the current increased value.

Black Rhodium are proud to have long championed the use of pure palladium wire for the conductors in its Cantata interconnect cables. The reasoning for this, says the British manufacturer, is that through testing, it has found that wires formed from the 'platinum group' of precious metals gave the best result. This group includes palladium, ruthenium, iridium, osmium and rhodium. Palladium is the least expensive metal in the group and is used most in very high-end audio cables. Meanwhile, rhodium being far more costly, is used extensively in the plating of audio connectors because of the tiny quantity required for plating.

Black Rhodium Cantata S

The result, says Black Rhodium, is that “palladium brings a much more natural presentation to music”. Furthermore, it states that its latest Cantata cables “sounds far more dynamic with a much quieter background between musical notes and more accurate rendition of voices and instruments.”


We're informed that the price of palladium wire has more than doubled in recent years. However, thanks to Black Rhodium having stock and recycling wire that has been used to build old stock, test cables or from cables returned for servicing, it has reduced the prices of its Limited Edition Cantata S cables. These prices are based on the price initially paid for the palladium wire rather than today's prices.

Black Rhodium Cantata S

Naturally, these cables still benefit from deep cryogenic treatment, DCT++, and the company's Crystal Sound process. Additionally, the cables feature Air / PTFE dielectric, RFI and EMI screening and a “vibration dampening” outer braid. Finally, the cables are terminated with rhodium-plated RCA connectors.

The reduced price Limited Edition Black Rhodium Cantata S cables are available until the stock is sold.

Black Rhodium Cantata S

  • Cantata S 0.8 m pair, Re-build, 1 pair only. Retail price £2,800
  • Cantata S 0.9 m pair, Re-build, 3 pairs. Retail price £3,200
  • Cantata S 1 m pair, New build, 4 pairs. Retail price £3,900
  • Cantata S 1.5 m pair, Re-build, 1 pair only. Retail price £4,900

At full price, a 1m pair of Cantata S is £5,000, with a 1.5m pair costing £7,200.

Visit Black Rhodium for more information


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