Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet Available in the UK

Posted on 30th November, 2020

Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet Available in the UK

Bassocontinuo has launched Ultra Feet with the boast of them being the world's first fully lab-tested isolation feet.

Bassocontinuo's Ultra Feet have been designed to reduce the effects of vibration on audio equipment. Coming in sets of three or four, these new isolation pucks use energy-absorbing materials which disperse vibration as heat, says the Italian company. Furthermore, the manufacturer states that this vibration reduction has been proven by measured data.

Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet

The results of the testing conducted in collaboration with the Italian vibration-control consultant Vicoter, and the University Politecnico in Milan can be seen on the company's website.

Ultra Feet are available in four different load-rated 'levels'. Each Ultra Foot is also height-adjustable and decoupled not only where it interfaces with the supporting surface but also where it meets the equipment.

Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet

Ultra Feet's upper-level models use Technoge, a unique 'soft-solid' polyurethane material. We're told that Technoge combines the 3D deformation properties of a fluid and the memory-shape properties of a solid body, as well as offering consistent performance over its lifespan.

Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet

Bassocontinuo's Ultra Feet are available in sets of three or four priced from £127 (set of three) and £159 (set of four).

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