Balanced Audio Technology VK-3500 Hybrid Integrated Now Available

Posted on 27th May, 2021

Balanced Audio Technology VK-3500 Hybrid Integrated Now Available

Balanced Audio Technology's VK-3500 hybrid integrated amplifier is available in the UK.

Balanced Audio Technology, BAT for short, marks 25 years of audio design with its VK-3500 integrated amplifier. The BAT VK-3500 marries a 'SuperTube Unistage' preamplifier with a solid-state power section generating 150 watts per channel into 8-ohm loads, doubling into 4-ohm loads, says the brand.

The pre-amplification stage features 6H30 dual triodes as found in the flagship REX 3 pre-amp following Balanced Audio Technology's purist “direct wire with gain” approach to circuit design. The VK-3500's revised pre-amp topology uses 2nd generation oil capacitors. We're told that oil provides proper damping to the capacitor so that the signal passing through it does not ring, delivering more organic, natural-sounding music reproduction.

The VK-3500's output stage employs a zero-feedback symmetrical bipolar design that perfectly complements the 6H30 tube-based preamplifier, says BAT, by providing high current capability and wide bandwidth, which promises transparency and high-end extension.

The striking all-aluminium industrial design of the casement continues over to the machined aluminium remote control. A programmable user interface provides for one-touch source/polarity switching and volume control. The integrated Victor Khomenko designed phono module accommodates both moving-magnet and low-output moving-coil cartridges.

Further inputs include two balanced (XLR) and three single-ended (RCA), while RCA and high-performance balanced vacuum-tube preamplifier outputs will feed an amplifier in a second room.

The Balanced Audio Technology VK-3500 integrated amplifier is available from June 2021 in black or silver for an RRP of £12,995.

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