B.audio’s Extended DAC Capabilities

Posted on 26th January, 2021

B.audio’s Extended DAC Capabilities

B.audio extends the functionality of its DACs and announces a new reference model.

B.audio has unveiled its B.dac EX which brings network connectivity and streaming skills to the French brand's DACs.

The EX suffix signifies B.audio's new Digital to Analogue Converter with streaming and acoustic correction. As well as Ethernet connectivity, the new EX DACs sport a USB port enabling you to connect a hard-drive. Additionally, a DSP-based acoustic correction feature offers a wide range of possibilities for adjusting to the listening environment.

Streaming inputs benefit from B.audio's patented Source Jitter Removal (SJR) technology - a process that effectively eliminates 100% of the source jitter, says the manufacturer.

You can stream via Roon, Airplay, Spotify, UPnP, and more which opens up access to all the major streaming services such as Qobuz, and Tidal through a compatible device. Playback of PCM up to 384kHz / DXD / DoP / native DSD up to DSD 256 is supported.

The onboard DSP features parametric acoustic correction, enabling you to get the best out of your listening environment. Developed in-house, this functionality is based on a 64-bit architecture, we're told. The overall gain is determined automatically without user intervention, which guarantees the absence of saturation regardless of the parameters used. These specific features preserve the signal quality, thereby ensuring an optimal result, says B.audio.

The b.dac EX is available from February 1st and costs €13,200.

The technology integrated into the B.dac EX is also available on the B.dpr EX (pictured above - RRP: €16,900) which includes a preamplification stage. Additionally, there are EX variants of the digital products in the One series which start at €8,590 for the B.dac one EX.

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