Auris Audio Tangenta HAWK Tonearm Announced

Posted on 8th February, 2021

Auris Audio Tangenta HAWK Tonearm Announced

Auris Audio continues to be busy and has two exciting analogue offerings coming soon.

Auris Audio has announced its first tonearm, the Tangenta HAWK, designed and produced by Slobodan Petrovic.

Auris Audio Tangenta HAWK tonearm

Record players and their associated accessories have seen a resurgence of late and shows no immediate signs of slowing down. Not content with his growing range of speakers, amplifiers, and creating sister company EarMen, Auris Audio founder and CEO, Miki Trosic, has been working on creating a turntable - the Rondo.

Auris Audio Tangenta HAWK tonearm

However, a mixture of good fortune and a chat over some beers seems to have created a partnership between Trosic and long-time friend, Slobodan Petrovic (aka, Hawk). Among other things, Petrovic has designed and produced high-performance, high-speed motors for dentistry that required micron-correct accuracy.  

Auris Audio Tangenta HAWK tonearm

Additionally, Petrovic has spent years repairing record players and tonearms of various manufacturers. Through this work, he realised that he could improve several elements of the tonearms he saw. Five years ago, he designed a unique tonearm named the Supreme Analog Tangenta. Unfortunately, the business deal for this didn't go according to plan.

Auris Audio Tangenta HAWK tonearm

Since then, Petrovioc/Hawk has designed a new, superior tonearm, dubbed Tangenta II. Trosic called upon Petrovic for his precision engineering skills for a new headphone amplifier and turntable. The friends also shared a few beers and chatted about the Auris Audio record player. Soon, a partnership for the Tangenta II tonearm was also agreed.

Auris Audio Tangenta HAWK tonearm

The Tangenta II will be renamed the Auris Tangenta HAWK and will be offered as three models using different materials with an option of 9-, 10-, 12-, and 14-inch lengths.

The Tangenta HAWK has a 10mm VTA adjustment and Azimuth can be tweaked +/-3 degrees. Anti-skating is controlled by two removable ball bearings. The tonearm has a quoted overhang of 13-17mm.

The 24k gold plated brass version seen above weighs 1860g and features an American Walnut armwand. The output connections can be specified as either gold plated or WBT silver.

Pricing isn't set in stone yet but is expected to range between $15,999-$17,999 depending on length and model.

Visit Auris Audio for more information


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