Audiovector Brings R-Series Performance to Custom Install

Posted on 17th August, 2022

Audiovector Brings R-Series Performance to Custom Install

Audiovector R-Series Wall loudspeakers combine classic Danish design with the R Signature, Avantgarde and Arreté models' outstanding performance.

Audiovector's InWall/InCeiling speaker has been designed for discreet architectural positioning, says the manufacturer. Meanwhile, the OnWall speaker features a beautiful cabinet, adding a touch of Danish style to any room.

Audiovector In and On Wall Speakers

These subtly elegant speaker designs promise a superb musical performance wherever they are positioned, thanks to Audiovector's no-compromise philosophy regarding sonic design, quality materials and fine-tuning.

Developed for high-end music reproduction, their unique midrange arrangement – which cancels unwanted wall reflections – has been designed to offer the sound equivalent to a pair of speakers positioned away from the wall.

Audiovector In and On Wall Speakers

Furthermore, inside the cabinets, you'll find the advanced audio technology from Audiovector's Applause Award-winning R-Series hi-fi speakers, each of which has been specifically fine-tuned for optimum performance.

The speakers have a three-way system featuring a single high excursion bass driver and double midrange drivers that act as highly revealing and detailed midrange drivers and as reflection-cancelling units, says the company.

The two new speakers, in keeping with Audiovector's R-Series standmounts and floorstanders, are available in three models: Signature, Avantgarde or Arreté. As standard, they have a Black Matte or White Silk finish with matching cloth grilles. You can also request custom finishes for an added premium.

Audiovector In and On Wall Speakers

Audiovector uses its own hand-built Evotech soft dome tweeters in the Signature model and its in-house designed and built AMT drivers in the Avantgarde and Arreté models.

Both forms of tweeter claim to be fast, detailed, non-fatiguing and radiate into a double rear chamber to significantly reduce distortion.

Audiovector In and On Wall Speakers

MD of Renaissance (distributor of Audiovector in the UK and Ireland), John Carroll, told StereoNET:

With so many custom install loudspeakers being not much more than a couple of drive units in a frame, the new R-Series Wall loudspeakers deliver everything one would expect from our friends in Copenhagen: sweet, musical and with that sense of ease and scale that Ole Klifoth has designed into every product that Audiovector makes. The contemporary finish with matte black or white frames and gunmetal baffles adds to the appeal of these wonderful new speakers.

Audiovector in and on wall speakers

Audiovector's OnWall and InWall/InCeiling speakers are available now and priced individually, kicking off with the Signature at £2,995, the Avantgarde £3,800, and the range-topping Arreté costing £5,000.

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