AudioSolutions Virtuoso B Standmount Speaker Launched

Posted on 5th March, 2021

AudioSolutions Virtuoso B Standmount Speaker Launched

AudioSolutions has announced its new standmount loudspeaker, the Virtuoso B.

The new Virtuoso B speaker from AudioSolutions is the fourth in the range that was launched at High End Munich in 2019 and benefits from the technology developed for the Lithuanian company's flagship Vantage 5th-anniversary series.

Sitting between the Figaro and Vantage 5th anniversary series, the Virtuoso features a highly-braced advanced Box-in-a-Box system constructed from multi-layer walls. The drivers include a mini-horn loaded 3cm silk dome tweeter, an extended-frequency 16.5cm hard pulp paper cone mid, and a user-adjustable crossover with three listening profiles. Additionally, there is a 19cm down-firing hard pulp cone sub completing this 3-way design. The quoted result is an in-room frequency response of 30 Hz-30 kHz and a claimed 91.5 dB @ 2.83V 1m sensitivity. Nominal impedance is listed as 4 ohms.

The 450mm x 297mm x 478mm (HxWxD) cabinet relies on an internal structure with extensive skeleton-like bracing that provides the enclosure with rigidity and controls primary vibrations created by the drivers. This internal carcass is covered with a lightweight material that doesn't store energy, to form a box. The outer box is then attached directly to and over the inner compartment. Applying more dense material eliminates high Q spikes, which can be transmitted by the internal structure. Between the materials is a 0.1-0.15mm layer of polyurethane glue, which helps transfer energy to heat and adds another dampening layer.

The upshot is that the outer and inner boxes work in tandem and effectively damp each other out. Furthermore, the thickness of the sidewalls, front baffle and back panel of the speaker are all different. With its specially calculated joints, the resulting cabinet is said to share properties of those constructed from aluminium or composite materials but without the additional high-frequency ringing and harmonics that those cabinets can have.

The Virtuoso B's adjustable crossover gives you three tuning options. However, they do not affect the SPL of speaker response. The manufacturer states this function should not be mistaken with room/system tuning devices where levels of individual drivers are being changed. AudioSolutions instead use the drivers' natural distortion pattern to manipulate the listening experience.
The AudioSolutions Adjustable Harmonics Crossover has three modes:

  1. Balanced – this mode is a sweet spot with a perfect balance of musical clarity and an immersive soundstage.
  2. Moderate – this mode is ideal for prolonged listening sessions when less dramatic and less detailed sound required.
  3. Enhanced – engaging this mode will allow the listener to experience the finest level of musical details from their recordings. This mode is suited for quiet evening listening sessions when ambient noise is reduced and micro details in the music come alive.

AudioSolutions proudly states that it exploits a unique concept of extended band midranges. The company explains that, while most systems utilise crossover points within the 700-2500 Hz region, the Virtuoso Extended Band Midrange driver covers the spectrum from 500Hz up to 7000 Hz. That is almost four octaves of essential musical information coming from one driver rather than the higher frequencies being handed off to the tweeter earlier, for instance. AudioSolutions says that, because of this concept, they produce one of the most natural-sounding speakers.

The Virtuoso B are available direct from AudioSolutions or via your nearest European dealer for £9,500 per pair; for custom colours, add an extra 20%. The stands are £3,300 per pair.

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