Audiolab DC Block Dual-Purpose Mains Filter Released

Posted on 14th May, 2021

Audiolab DC Block Dual-Purpose Mains Filter Released

Audiolab's new DC Block promises to remove RFI/EMI whilst banishing 'DC on the mains' to deliver pure, rebalanced power to audio and AV system components.

Audiolab's DC Block is the company's first product designed to improve the quality of AC electricity we feed our audio and AV systems.

Audiolab DC Block

Mains electricity has a fundamental influence on the audio signal as it passes through a system, from source to amp to speakers. The mains supply in a typical dwelling is subject to interference induced by a range of issues, causing the AC waveform to distort before it reaches each component and can create noise in the audio signal. This can degrade sound quality.

Audiolab DC Block

One common issue is 'DC on the mains' – a problem well known to affect the performance of audio equipment, especially amplifiers. In theory, the mains electricity we obtain from the sockets in our homes should be pure AC; however, we're told that the presence of 'asymmetrical loads' causes the waveform to become offset, resulting in DC voltage on the AC supply.

Audiolab DC Block

This is where the 113x59x140mm (WxHxD) DC Block comes in. Audiolab says that, by blocking or cancelling DC voltage found within the AC mains supply, the unit corrects the DC offset and rebalances the mains sine wave.

Audiolab DC Block

Additionally, this dual-action device is said to boast a high-performance audio class filtering circuit that removes RFI/EMI contaminants from the mains supply. We are informed that this reduces both differential-mode noise (exacerbated by cheap switch-mode power supplies used by many home appliances) and common-mode noise (aggravated by airborne interference from phones, Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth).

We are promised that the Audiolab DC Blocker helps to unlock the sonic potential of any audio component to which it is connected. We are told to expect the noise floor to drop and the sound to gain greater focus, with reduced grain, improved clarity, better-defined bass and 'airier' treble.

Audiolab DC Block

The device is designed for use with a single audio or AV system component. Audiolab recommends that it should be used with the integrated amp or power amp component within your system to obtain the most significant benefit.

The Audiolab DC Block all-in-one DC blocker and mains filter is available this month at an RRP of £99.95 and comes in a black or silver finish.

Visit Audiolab for more information


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