Audio-Technica AT-ART20 Dual Moving Coil Cartridge Released

Posted on 31st August, 2022

Audio-Technica AT-ART20 Dual Moving Coil Cartridge Released

Audio-Technica's ART20 moving coil cartridge features an aluminium and titanium body and a nude special line contact stylus.

The AT-ART20 is a magnetic core dual moving coil cartridge that Audio-Technica says has “been structured to reproduce sound with the full expression of a live performance.”

Audio-Technica ART20 cartridge

As the AT-ART20 is part of the elevated ART series of cartridges, it is equipped with the range's trademark aluminium base. However, the housing is titanium, and the undercover is elastomer - marking firsts for the series on both counts. We're told this combination suppresses the resonance generated by the cartridge.

Audio-Technica ART20 cartridge

The cartridge's organic shape results from the advanced cutting and polishing technologies from the eyeglass industry of Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, which stretches back more than a century. Audio-Technica says that the combination of this design and advanced cutting technology has made it possible to reduce the thickness of the titanium, resulting in a significant weight reduction.

Audio-Technica ART20 cartridge

As in the ART Series AT-ART1000 flagship, titanium has also been used for the tip reinforcement plate in the ART20, reducing its mass and improving the high-frequency characteristics.

Audio-Technica ART20 cartridge

Based on the magnetic circuit of the AT-ART9XI, the front yoke of the ART20 is 0.6mm (0.024-inches) thicker to improve magnetic flux density. Apparently, by increasing the power generation efficiency, a more realistic sound has been achieved. Meanwhile, the manufacturer states that output voltage efficiency is improved by more than 15% without changing the number of coil turns or impedance.

Audio-Technica ART20 cartridge

The AT-ART20 features a nude special line contact stylus to track the record grooves faithfully. This is mated to a stepped pipe structure, where the solid boron cantilever becomes thicker in steps from the tip to the coil toward the fulcrum. We are informed that the double structure of the connection between the cantilever and armature increases rigidity, improving the cantilever's strength and suppressing unwanted vibrations.

Audio-Technica ART20 cartridge

Finally, the thickness of the gold plating on the cartridge's terminal pins has been increased to approximately 30 times that found on Audio-Technica's typical pins. This reduces contact resistance and leaves no weak link in this delicate part of the vinyl-reproduction chain.

The AT-ART20 will be available from the 31st of August at an RRP of £2,749.99/ €3,199.

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