Audio Physic Avantera Floorstanders Now Boast Cardeas Tech

Posted on 29th November, 2022

Audio Physic Avantera Floorstanders Now Boast Cardeas Tech

Audio Physic's next-gen four-way Avantera floorstanding speakers boast PowerTrain 'centreless driver' tech.

Audio Physic's Avantera loudspeakers have been updated with the German brand's PowerTrain technology promising “a limitless soundstage, pinpoint precision, and room-filling low-frequency reproduction”. They were pretty impressive when we met them at High End Munich earlier this year where they were being powered by Primare electronics.

Audio Physic Avantera

The Avantera floorstanders apparently benefit from the company's experience through developing its Cardeas line with the four-way design featuring a multi-sandwich enclosure with a honeycomb structure covered with either a glass-elastomer or wood veneer panel-elastomer composite. Furthermore, the cabinet struts are also made of high-tech honeycomb panels and ceramic foam elements. The result, we're told, is an extraordinarily rigid enclosure with very high internal damping.

Audio Physic's PowerTrain is built around the firm's centreless drivers at its heart, as seen in the Cardeas. This tech “transfers kinetic energy unexpectedly and efficiently”, resulting in “outstandingly natural music reproduction”.

Audio Physic Avantera

This brings us to the drivers, starting with the HHCT III+ tweeter, which is said to be totally decoupled thanks to its mechanically isolated mounting plate. Joining this is the new Audio Physic HHCM SL+ midrange driver. We're told that this unit operates without a spider. Additionally, the equally fresh Double Surround bass/midrange drivers also work without a conventional spider. According to the manufacturer, the “almost non-existent resistance” results in “unprecedented dynamics and resolution”.

Furthermore, the contacts for the tweeter and midrange have been revised and sport WBT Plasma Protect connectors alongside the terminal, now boasting WBT nextgen binding posts. Meanwhile, all capacitors have been newly developed and Audio Physic state that they utilise an innovative copper foam contact.

Audio Physic Avantera

Audio Physic's Avantera loudspeakers are available now priced at £21,800 in Glass White and Glass Black or £22,800 finished in Black Ebony High Gloss and Rosewood High Gloss finish. They come with a VCF V Magnetic Plus Speaker Set of isolating supports.

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