Atlas Cables Turns Cottage Industry

Posted on 27th March, 2020

Atlas Cables Turns Cottage Industry

Atlas Cables becomes a cottage industry with its team continuing to work constructing cables at home.

Atlas Cables at Home

Due to the coronavirus, most people have been forced to work from home - a straightforward enough task if all you need is a laptop or phone. Manufacturers and factories across the UK have been forced to either shut down or reduce capacity to allow distancing between workers. Atlas Cables has taken a different approach and set up its manufacturing workforce with benches at home so they can continue production without fear of contamination.

Atlas Cables at Home

Atlas pioneered manufacturing cables without solder years ago, opting for a dry weald or crimp. As well as giving a better connection, this has allowed Atlas to set up its staff with everything they need to continue making its range of award-winning cables from home.

Atlas Cable at Home

Staff have effectively set their workbench up in their kitchens, living rooms, or wherever they can find space. This means that the vast majority of products will remain available and ready for order. All office-based staff have also set up at home and deliveries and shipments will continue as usual.

Atlas Cables at Home

Kevin Kelly, Managing Director at Atlas, told StereoNET:

During these unprecedented times, many people are at home and might turn their attention to their entertainment systems for solace.  It was important to us that were anyone wanting to upgrade their cables, then they had the opportunity to do just that with Atlas, so keeping our stock levels healthy was very important.

When we suggested to the team here at Atlas to continue as normal in as best a way that we could, there was 100% agreement, so we set about working out a way that not only keeps everybody safe and isolated but also meant that we could keep the business going as best we could.  Thanks to the dedication of our team, we have been able to do just that.

Atlas Cables at Home

Atlas Cables are available online from several specialist audio retailers in the UK.  To experience an Atlas Cable in your system, go online and start up a conversation with your local retailer.

For more information, check out Atlas Cables.


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