Atacama Releases Modular NeXXus Speaker Stand Series

Posted on 9th July, 2021

Atacama Releases Modular NeXXus Speaker Stand Series

Atacama has announced its first modular and upgradable hi-fi speaker supports in the NeXXus 600 range.

Atacama's NeXXus 600 series consists of three specifications with a planned choice of heights ranging from 220mm to 1020mm.

Atacama NeXXus

NeXXus has been designed to feature tube diameter combinations to match the performance of the supported speakers, a first for the UK hi-fi furniture brand. Additionally, there's also a wide range of top plate options adding to the NeXXus range's flexibility, making it the most versatile speaker stand, certainly in Atacama's portfolio.

Atacama NeXXus

Essential sports twin 50.8mm support tubes on each stand, resulting in double the mass-loading capacity of the previous generation at 15kg. Your speakers sit on domed gel pads. Furthermore, when you're ready to upgrade, the Essential speaker stands can be updated to Hifi-Audio or Pro-Studio specifications by purchasing the optional 76.2mm tube packs.

Atacama NeXXus

HiFi-Audio is where you lovely readers should start, according to Atacama, as they have been “designed for the serious hi-fi enthusiast.” Here you will find a 50.8mm rear and a 76.2mm front steel tube. In addition, the mass-loading capacity is increased to 22.5kg per pair, and these can be upgraded to Pro-Studio by purchasing the 76.2mm tube pack.

Pro-Studio is where you should head for professional studio applications, says Atacama. So naturally, these will also be suitable for high-end domestic speakers or for those wanting to eke out every bit of performance from their favourite speakers, says the manufacturer. Pro-Studio employs twin 76.2mm tubes on each stand and is bundled with a set of Atacama's top-level HLP (High Load Trapezoidal) Gel pads. The mass-loading potential is quoted as being 30kg.

Atacama NeXXus

The Atacama Nexxus series starts at £199 per pair for the Essential 600, which comes with 130mm x 170mm top plates as standard, but additional sizes can be added for £30 to £35. The HIFI-AUDIO and Pro-Studio spec stands will become available later in the year.

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