Apple AirPods Pro Noise Cancelling Earphones now released

Posted on 29th October, 2019

Apple AirPods Pro Noise Cancelling Earphones now released

Apple's AirPods family welcomes a new addition this week in the form of AirPods Pro featuring Active Noise Cancellation, and what Apple says is superior immersive sound.

The new AirPods Pro features an all-new lightweight in-ear design and Apple engineered for comfort and fit. Supplied are three different sizes of soft, flexible silicone ear tips that conform to the shape of individual ears. The AirPods Pro also utilises an innovative vent system said to equalise pressure in the ear canal, which minimises discomfort typical of other designs. They're also sweat and water-resistant, perfect for those wishing to use them with an active lifestyle.

Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, told StereoNET:

AirPods are the best-selling headphones in the world. The one-tap setup experience, incredible sound and iconic design have made them a beloved Apple product, and with AirPods Pro, we're taking the magic even further,

The welcome Active Noise Cancellation feature uses two microphones combined with Apple's advanced software, continually adapting to the surrounding environment. Using the combination of outward and inward-facing microphones, the noise cancellation is said to adapt the sound signal 200 times per second.

Apple's Adaptive EQ also automatically adjusts the low and mid frequencies to the shape of an individual's ear, while a high dynamic range amplifier powers a custom-designed, high excursion and low-distortion driver to optimise sound quality. The driver is said to provide consistent and rich bass down to 20hz, and detailed midrange and high frequencies.

Transparency Mode allows users the ability to listen to music while still being able to hear the environment around them. This useful feature is invaluable for the morning commute, particularly while surrounded by traffic. This mods also ensures that a user's own voice sounds natural while the audio continues to play perfectly.

Switching between ANC and Transparency Mods is as easy as a wave of your hand across the new, innovative force sensor on the AirPods Pro stem, which can also be used to control music playback or to answer calls.

The introduction of the Apple-designed H1 chip at its core is responsible for much of the new tech featured in the AirPods Pro, including hands-free Siri operation.

With up to 5-hours listening time, 4.5-hours with ANC engaged, and 3-hours talk time on a single charge, or with a boost from the Wireless Charging Case, there's over 24-hours listening time available.

Available from October 30, Apple AirPods Pro will sell for £249.00.

For more information, visit Apple.

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