An Evening with Luxman

Posted on 2nd September, 2015

An Evening with Luxman

Celebrating 90 years in June 2015, Luxman Corporation of Japan in conjunction with Australian distributor Audio Active, ran two evenings at Stereophonic Melbourne and Audio Solutions Sydney to commemorate the occasion.

The aim of the evenings was to allow Luxman customers witness firsthand how far the capabilities of the Luxman engineers and technology have come, and to audition their latest products. The nights comprised of a very informative presentation delivered by Terry Kawakami, International Audio Groups Luxman Division Sales Director, and Tatsuya Sueyoshi, Luxman Executive Officer and Corporate Planner, and a hand picked selection of music to highlight the strengths of products from the longest running audio company in the world.

Products on show included the D-08u Super Audio CD Player, C-900u Control Amplifier and M-900u Power Amplifier, but the story starts back in 1925 when radio broadcasting first started in Japan. Kinsuido who originally sold picture frames expanded with a Radio Department which first involved radio and parts importing that evolved into the creation of Luxman quality audio products.

Determined to continue to evolve, the staff and development departments worked together to create products that encapsulated every nuance of recorded music, from the pluck and decay of a string to the complexities of the human voice. Luxman's philosophy of sound has been to consistently refine development and passing knowledge down through the generations to ensure future growth, all to create sound that touches the heart strings and able to be enjoyed for extended periods without causing fatigue.

Luxman's approach to voicing of equipment focuses on no exaggeration of one instrument over another, and seamless interaction of all frequencies enabling the listener to feel the size and atmosphere with a rich expression of the performance. Luxman consider their products to be tools that enable you to enjoy your music, and just as importantantly for their customers to be able to experience expressive power that is free from distractions from the passion and energy encapsulated in the performance.

Having a close relationship with specialist component manufacturers, Luxman have been able to produce products without compromises in performance, focusing on refinement where other manufacturers are forced to cut corners. The no compromise approach is evident in the translation of music programmes played for the audience. 

Starting with the C-900u Control Amplifier, its heart consists of fully balanced configuration manipulated by the Luxman Electrically Controlled Ultimate Attenuator that with 88 steps of attenuation from 0 to -87dB, enables the adjustment of volume without any deviation causing deterioration of sound quality, and being digitally controlled it removes limitations of potential mechanical contact failures. With mechanical precision in mind, the extent of care employed by Luxman to ensure every component is matched in performance, even something as seemingly insignificant as the tension of screws isn't overlooked. Every screw is tightened to a specified torque to ensure no mechanical vibration is able to be passed to the sensitive electronics, and no screw is over tightened which can also impact on the components tone.

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