7 Christmas Gift Ideas for 2016

Posted on 7th December, 2016

7 Christmas Gift Ideas for 2016

So it's that time of the year again where we are moving closer to that day of food, enjoyment, frivolity and of course, the ubiquitous Christmas Gift! But, the hardest thing to consider is what perfect Christmas gift to get for your loved ones. It is frustrating and perplexing, we understand.

Let us save you the time and put forward what we feel are great gifts for the HiFi or music lover this Christmas.

Number 1

KEF Muo Bluetooth Speaker

KEF Muo Christmas 2016

Regularly appearing on gift ideas lists, it still maintains a heighty position as there are very few products out there that can beat it on style and performance. It has been elevated to the top spot this year for one reason… it's on special right now!

Read more about KEF Muo here.

Normally $549, until Christmas you can pick up one of these amazing units up for $399!
For a limited time it's also available in a Brilliant Rose finish.

Number 2

Questyle QP1R Portable Digital Player

Stunning the world this year with their amazing high-end technology at prices far below their performance and design capabilities, the Questyle QP1R is the ultimate in portable high resolution audio music players. Think iPod, on steroids.

Definitely for the absolute music lover or executive, the Questyle QP1R is the perfect Christmas Gift this summer.

Read the StereoNET review here.

The Questyle QP1R sells for $1,599 but until the end of 2016, it comes with a free leather case worth $129.

Number 3

DALI Katch Portable Bluetooth Speaker

DALI Katch Christmas 2016

DALI from Denmark have been around for nearly 40 years now and this is their first venture into portable audio. And what an entrance it has been!  Winning What HiFi’s 2016 Portable Bluetooth speaker of the year, StereoNET also reviewed this great product recently. Read the review here.

Chic and extremely well designed, but with powerful and amazing sound, at $699 this is truly a Katch from Dali! Available in Cloud Grey, Moss Green and Dark Shadow finishes, it's the perfect gift for someone this Christmas.

Number 4

Geneva Model M Wireless

Geneva Model M

Geneva set the world alight 10 years ago by producing the world’s first HiFi designer all-in-one speaker units. They continue to lead and refine this category and the new Geneva M Wireless is quite an upgrade.

Adding Bluetooth, Touch Controls and compacting the size, this powerful unit not only looks good, but sounds magnificent.  In addition, you also get DAB+ and FM Radio, line input, alarm clock and a remote.

Even with all this and the furniture grade cabinetry, the M Wireless still manages to sneak in at just $999 RRP.

Perfect to use anywhere in your home for music or even hook it into your TV to obtain a major boost in sound performance. The Geneva M Wireless is available in Matt Black, Matt White, Matt Red and Walnut finishes.

Number 5

Chord Electronics MOJO

Chord Electronics MOJO

This little beauty out of the UK has been award-winning since it was launched. Reviewed right here on StereoNET it was awarded Best in Class, Portable Headphone Amplifier for 2015, as well as an Outstanding Value award.

At $899 this is no mere portable DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor). Attach it to your smartphone or tablet, desktop PC or laptop, and suddenly your dainty sound gets a massive kick up the proverbial in volume and performance.

The Chord Mojo is perfect for any music lover who is on the go a lot and wants to get the best performance out of their music.

Optional accessories include a Mojo Black Leather Case (RRP $149) and a Mojo Accessory Cable Kit (RRP $199).

Number 6

Disco Knosti

Disco Antitat Record Cleaner

In the past few years, so many turntables have been given as a Christmas gift thanks to the resurgence of vinyl. Enthusiasts are crate digging at fairs all over the country. The problem with so many second-hand records, how do you keep them all clean in a cost effective manner?

This is where the Disco Knosti at $159 comes to play. Made in Germany, this is the ultimate cleaning accessory for any turntable lover. Very easy to use, well made…it even comes with it’s own drying rack.

Read the StereoNET review here.

A cleaning solution we recommend highly, and at this price it's a perfect Christmas gift.

Number 7

Arcam irDAC-II

As featured here just last week, Arcam's evolution of DACs has earned massive success for the company by budget conscious, discerning enthusiasts. Improve the sound quality of your digital sources with the addition of an external DAC.

Trawl any HiFi forums and you'll often find Arcam recommended to those seeking a high-performance DAC without breaking the bank. It's a reputation well-earned and deserved.

Celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, Arcam have worked hard to release a replacement to the original and hugely successful irDAC.

Enter the irDAC-II. This is a feature packed unit designed for mid to high-end performance. It also includes Bluetooth to stream from your phone or portable device. In addition if offers multiple source inputs, headphone output stage with enough power to handle even the most demanding headphones and DSD128 support.

At $1195 it offers amazing value with all its features… and it comes with a remote as well so you can kick back and listen to your tunes over the Xmas period without having to lift your feet!

This Christmas, whether buying a gift for yourself or another Hi-Fi enthusiast, you can't go past any of the above gift ideas. If you're still stuck, drop into the Beginners and Purchasing Advice forum right here on StereoNET.

From all of us at StereoNET, have a very Merry and Musical Christmas.

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