Written By11: David Price


Acoustic Energy AE320 Floorstanding Loudspeaker Review

David Price is blown away by this larger sized budget floorstander…

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AKM Debuts New AK4499EX Flagship DAC Chip

One of the hidden highlights of last month's Munich High End hi-fi show was the launch of a new DAC chip by Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation, or AKM, to its friends.

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Chord Electronics Anni Review

David Price sasses up his home office with this compact new desktop integrated amplifier/ headphone amp…

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Chord Company Signature RCA Review

David Price samples this seriously strong-sounding mid-price interconnect…

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Linn Klimax DSM Organik Upgrade Review

David Price samples Linn's ultimate DAC upgrade to its original high-end streamer…

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Russ Andrews Spring Clip Adaptors Review

David Price reckons that classic hi-fi fans will find these little widgets invaluable…

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NVA P50 Pre & S80 Power Amplifier Review

David Price reckons this quirky British pre-power package is one of the best bargains in audio amplification right now…

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Z:Axis Audio Infinity Mk2 Interconnect Cable Review

David Price enjoys the glistening sound of this bespoke, mid-price audio cable…

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English Acoustics Stereo 21c Amplifier Review

David Price warms to this fascinating reimagining of a classic British valve power amplifier…

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Chord Company PowerHAUS S6 Mains Block Review

David Price plugs into this new, high-end power distribution block…

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Ortofon Cadenza Black MC Phono Cartridge Review

David Price cues up a great ‘affordable high end’ moving coil cartridge from this illustrious manufacturer…

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Technics SU-G700M2 Integrated Amplifier Review

David Price thinks this new mid-price digital integrated amplifier is something special…

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