Audio Marketing, importers of fine brands including Stax, Musical Fidelity, In-akustik cables and caretakers of Room 1311, is promising a treat for attendees at this year's StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi Show.

Musical Fidelity's most powerful amplifiers on the market today, the new M8 Preamplifier and M8700 monoblock power amplifiers will be demonstrated with the best of what In-akustik has to offer in handcrafted German cabling.

An array of the latest range of Musical Fidelity, along with a complete suite of Stax earspeakers will also be available for audition.

One of the finest turntables available in the world today, the Australian designed and manufactured Dohmann Audio Helix One turntable will also be spinning front and centre.

You don't want to miss visiting Room 1311 so take note of the room number now.

For more information visit Audio Marketing.


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