Attendees to this year's StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi Show are in for a treat in Room 1204 where HiFi Collective will be demonstrating world-class brands.

The recently formed HIFI Collective is the coming together of industry veterans, Chris Murphy and Gareth Weller. HiFi Collective has hand-selected a portfolio of international home audio products, chosen for their ability to bring music-lovers closer to their music collections.

Internationally-renowned brands including AURALiC, AVM, Fink Team, Fyne Audio, Heed Audio, Totem Acoustic, and Vertere Acoustics will be showcased.

In the true StereoNET Hi-Fi Show tradition of world and Australian firsts, some of the products will see their Australian HIFI Show debut, never seen or heard before at a show on Australian soil.

Max Maud from Scotland's Fyne Audio will also be in attendance, providing a unique insight on how they created the new special production F502SP Floor Standing Speakers. The F502SP uses a unique HF waveguide, which is claimed to deliver not only incredibly even full-range frequency response, but outstanding imaging.

Totem Acoustics, making their Australian debut with their Kin Play Mini Powered Bluetooth speakers are said to deliver BIG sound from a tiny enclosure.

Vertere's DG-1 Dynamic Groove Record Player will also be at the show. Vertere's most affordable record player, is claimed to be as close you're going to get to 'plug and play' in a high-end, high-performance record player, and yet packed with innovations. 

Auralic's Altair G1 Streaming Preamplifier will also be on demonstration. The G1 is a high-performance DAC and streamer, built to exacting standards and capable of sourcing music from virtually any source.

There will also be an exclusive show promotion on Auralic's Vega G1 Streaming DAC, with a complimentary 2019 iPad (9.7" Space Grey) provided with the purchase of the Vega.

Be sure to visit Room 1204 at the 2019 StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi Show. Tickets on sale now.

For more information, visit Hi-Fi Collective.


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