The upcoming StereoNET Hi-Fi & AV Show in Melbourne will host the world premiere of Richter's Series 6 Special Edition Black loudspeakers.

This year, Australian-owned brand Richter celebrates over 35 years producing some of Australia's most awarded loudspeakers. Chief designer Dr Martin Gosnell wanted to do something different and even better to celebrate this anniversary. 

After many discussions, design meetings and drawings, along with the manufacturing of new drivers that would enable the vision to be delivered, Gosnell settled on the latest design for the larger floor-standing speaker, Series 6 Special Edition Black.

Brian Rodgers, Director of Richter, told StereoNET:

Special Edition Black is the next level model to the successful Series 6 Range, finished in a new high-quality all over Matte Black finish. These new Special Edition models use a new, more efficient and more sensitive 25mm soft dome tweeter working with our next-level high power 6.5-ich SE drivers with larger voice coils, housed in a rigid alloy basket driven with dual magnets. Together with a new crossover design, this all combines to deliver the next level in Richter performance. The Series 6 Special Edition Black (or S6SE Black) is here to continue the Richter core value of providing an exciting and engaging entertainment experience!

So, after more than 25 years since the last model Excalibur, comes the new Excalibur S6SE Black ($5,699 RRP) stands 1150mm tall atop S6 Stabilisers - the new release now being the flagship in the Richter range. Using two 6.5-inch SE midrange drivers positioned above and below the new 25mm tweeter, each is enclosed in its own internal chamber and rear ported. Another pair of 6.5-inch bass drivers is enclosed in its own larger internal enclosure, similarly rear-ported, and designed to deliver fast and clean deep bass.

Also new in the lineup comes the Wizard S6SE Black ($3,699 RRP), taking advantage of the success and foundation laid with the Wizard S6, but said to take performance to another level with the same new 25mm soft dome tweeter and high power 6.5-inch SE midbass drivers and new crossover design.

Richter's Excalibur S6SE Black and Wizard S6SE Black will debut at the 2022 StereoNET Hi-Fi & AV Show, June 3rd-5th, at the Pullman Melbourne Albert Park. Tickets on sale now.