Melbourne-based Audio Influence and Room 1314's doors will burst open on show opening at noon on Friday18th October at this year's StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi Show.

On show will be brands including Hi-Fi Racks Limited, Atlas Cables, Plus Audio, Acoustique Quality, Well Rounded Sound, New Horizon Audio, and Clef Audio.

Hi-Fi Racks' trademark British craftsmanship, combined with natural materials and multi-award-winning design, ensure Hi-Fi Racks look as beautiful as they sound.

100% solid timber is employed in the handmade construction of their racking systems. Beyond the wide selection of products on offer, a bespoke service is also available to meet the exact requirements of any listener. 

Hi-Fi Racks' Managing Directors Bradley and Julie Walters will be on hand to answer any questions about racks, speaker stands, headphone stands, and isolation plinths that will be on display.

The UK owned company, Atlas Cables is an award-winning manufacturer of high-performance audiophile cables, power products and accessories that are designed and manufactured primarily in Scotland.  

Atlas Cables will be showing off several new products including a new range of streaming cables, Zeno Harmonic balanced headphone cables, their flagship Mavros Luxe range and soon to be released Power Cables. Representatives of Atlas Cables will also be in attendance.

London-based +AUDIO is made up of passionate music lovers and professionals. The design team behind +AUDIO consists of key individuals that have worked for companies such as JBL, Cambridge SoundWorks, Samsung, JVC, Thonet and many more. 

With their first all-in-one record player, THE+RECORD Player, +AUDIO pay homage to the past while at the same time providing a contemporary take on the classic Stereogram. A simple, elegant all-in-one solution thanks to the partnership of +AUDIO speaker design, in-house audio electronics, and a combination of Pro-Ject Audio turntable and Ortofon cartridge.

Launching at this year's show will be the very first pubic introduction and viewing of Acoustique Quality loudspeakers in Australia. Based in the Czech Republic, with a sophisticated design and manufacturing facility that uses the latest technologies – technologies such as 3D Modelling, five-axis machining, and high-precision cutter saws, Acoustique Quality is truly serious about high fidelity audio. 

Their flagship model, AQ PASSION floor standing speakers, are priced at $34,990, while their entry-level bookshelf speakers come in at $390 a pair. With over 30 models across six series, they have a speaker for you. 

Three speaker models will also be on show in various colours from Well Round Sound, a collaboration of the US-Based company and the Czech Republic, Acoustique Quality.  

Debuting in Australia for the first time, New Horizon is off to a great start in the audio world since its inception in Italy in 2016. Aiming to produce affordable turntables and related products entirely in Italy, New Horizon brings the kind of quality, beauty and reliability you'd expect from the Italian craftsmen.

All five models of New Horizon turntables will be on show as well as the accessories, so there's plenty to get excited about.

Finally, CLEF Audio is a Thai based company with a long history of designing and manufacturing high-performance AC line conditioners for the audiophile market as well as other hi-fi components.

This brand is gainly popularity, particularly for its Soloist 50 integrated amplifier which produces clean Class A power rated at 10watts per channel. The Soloist is a dual-mono design amplifier, built like a tank, looks good and most importantly sounds great. Did we mention heavy too? 

See Audio Influence in Room 1314 at this year's 2019 StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi Show, October 18-20 - Pullman Hotel Albert Park. Tickets on sale now.

For more information visit Audio Influence.


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