At this year's StereoNET Hi-Fi & AV Show, you'll experience the impact and excitement of real cinema at home with some of the biggest names in commercial cinema.

Pioneers in commercial cinema technology - Krix, Trinnov and Barco Residential have partnered to present an epic home cinema demonstration in the State Ballroom on Level 1. Decades of commercial cinema development and engineering have been harnessed to bring out the very best performance in the home environment.

You'll experience blockbuster movie scenes through the Australian designed and made Krix MX-40 behind screen speaker system. This will be paired with Megaphonix surround and overhead speakers (with dual monstrous Megacyclonix subwoofers).

The demonstration will feature a 9.4.4 configuration typical of what can be achieved in many Australian rooms, processed by Trinnov's 20-channel Altitude16 processor and precisely matched with the brand new Amplitude16 power amplifier. This will be Australia's first public demonstration of the pre-power combination, matching Trinnov's world-renowned software processing and room optimisation with a new era of affordable power amplification.

Video enthusiasts won't be disappointed either with the Australian debut of Barco Residential's new 3-chip 4K Njord projector. An evolution of the highly regarded Wodan projector with a new light source and optical engine, the 12000 lumen, laser-based Njord pairs impeccably with the no-compromise MadVR Envy Extreme video processor.

Book your free session now in State Ballroom 1 if you've ever wanted to experience the ultimate in-home cinema technology. While you're visiting, drop into the Real Cinema Zone in State Ballroom 2, where you can relax, mingle and chat with Krix, Trinnov and Barco representatives about all things home (and commercial) cinema.

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