Sydney based Advance Audio will feature two rooms at this year's StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi Show that will impress both your eyes and ears.

In Lake 1, Advance will present the KEF's Blade 2 loudspeakers, powered by Dan D'Agostino's Progression Pre and Power amplifiers, Linn Klimax DSM and Selekt DSM, all connected by Nordost cables.

On hand to answer any technical questions from attendees and to offer insight into these brands will be international guests including Bjorn Bengsston - Product Trainer for Nordost, Bill McKeigan - President of Dan Dagostino Master Audio Systems, Ben Hagens - Senior Product Specialist for KEF, and Gordon Inch - Senior Product Specialist for Linn.

Timed demonstrations will also take place across the three days, so be sure to book in now to hear the presentation that interests you via the following links:

KEF Presentations | Linn Presentations | D'Agostino Presentations | Nordost Presentations


Bjorn Bengsston

Also, as part of Nordost's presentation, the opportunity exists to spend time, one-on-one with Bjorn Bengsston. He'll talk through your system with you, suggest any upgrades and answer any questions you have. For this opportunity, ensure you register for the Nordost presentation as spaces are strictly limited.


LEF LSX Wireless

Advance Audio's second room, M3, will focus on KEF's LS Family of speakers, including the newest addition and award-winning KEF LSX. 

Experts from KEF will talk you through the development of the product, the challenges and triumphs faced, as well as offer some insight into the future. 

There will also be some great show specials and bonus offers for KEF LSX and LS50 Wireless, but we can't tell you about them here, so you won't want to miss a visit to Room M3.

Tickets on sale now.


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